Thursday, August 20, 2015

A Maine Storyboard

Just thinking about favorite places in Maine.
At this moment in the background of my mind 
I am hearing the Beatles: 
"Love, Love, Love..."

Hmm...What to do with this? 
Is it a storyboard for some paintings? 
A storyboard for a little book?
Might I add text & turn it into a graphic novel of sorts? 

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Sunflowers at the Market

On that Market Day in August, 
in the Realms of Color & Size, 
the sunflowers ruled.
Belles of the Ball, Queens of the Market, Celebrities.
Teen girls were posing with their newly bought sunflowers 
for their friends' cameras, & sellers were handing over
immense bouquets to customers.

Sunflowers were the first to catch attention, 
but, for me, the people of the market 
were just as interesting!

Note: The Sunflowers would not let my camera reproduce
the true, light & clear colors in the sketch, 
not watercolor yellow, not added colored pencil yellow. 
Prima donnas, I think, but still, nice ones.

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Portland Farmer's Market with Maine College of Art

 I spent a day in my beloved old home city of Portland, 
at the downtown Farmer's Market, 
sketching with a Maine College of Art Workshop. 
Above, not the original, as the raw sketch was 
too full of fast, scribbly lines. 
 Also a sketch from the sketch. 
Sketching with a class gave me the bravado to plunk myself 
& my little stool down in the midst of a sea of 
moving people, colors, & sounds. 
What a great way to slow down & to focus 
on one subject at a time.
If anyone was peeking over my shoulder, I didn't notice. 
This is the actual on-location, raw sketch.
Our Lady of Victories, is the monument in Monument Square,      
created to commemorate lives lost during the Civil War. 
Every Wednesday she looks down on the market below. 
I was looking up at her while eating at a sidewalk café table 
on the edge of the sidewalk.
Also on the edge of the sidewalk was Myron 
playing blues harmonica & singing lyrics, 
some traditional, some invented on the spot. 
He played well to the young children
& made them dance. He made me laugh. 
That's a foot operated tambourine!

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

My New FWB: Favorite Watercolor Book

I'm been making little gifts of dried lavender that I got 
from the local Glendarragh farm & the shop in Camden. 
Purple, violet, plum, lavender, 
periwinkle, mauve magenta & crimson hues 
are calling to me lately. 
Over the years so many of my young girl art students 
chose them as favorite palettes, 
& not just on Valentine's Day.
 Palettes are on my mind because of Mimi Robinson's book,
Local Color: Seeing Place Through Watercolor
Influenced by Josef Alber's work showing color relationships,
 & realizing how much she enjoyed painting color tests before painting subjects, 
she started using palettes in & of themselves 
as a form of visual journaling. 
 The  book is meant to be instructional, 
but it is beautiful in its own right between her photos, 
the palettes & her representational paintings.
So many watercolor books have overlapping information, 
so I rarely buy them anymore. 
But this book is unique & a pleasant addition to my collection.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

The French Series

Based on a book shop in Arles

I will be visiting some old French study group friends 
who asked me to bring some of my pictures 
of France, the ones I used to sell. 
The trouble is: Most of them have sold.
I'm trying to create more, but it's not the same.
I haven't been to France in 3 years!
And perhaps my way of drawing is changing.

Here are a few of the old ones:

 Based on a street scene in Paris.
Artist's collection.
La maison aux volets bleus, Venasque

 Two hilltop villages in Provence



On the way back I'm going to drop off some
Maine landscapes to a shop in Damariscotta.
So, I figure, first, I'll show them to my friends.
Perhaps I can interest them in images of my current love: 
Rural Maine.

I guess, wherever my spirit is, 
that is where my drawing takes me.
For now, it's right here.

Monday, July 20, 2015

From the Sketchbook: MFA, Boston

Going to Boston means going sketching. 
Above, the MFA permanent Impressionist Gallery, 
a place  of familiarity & comfort for me,
 a place that on this day was not crowded.
The crowds were at a temporary show of Leonardo drawings.

Leonardo said that recording observations
with your own eyes was more important
than any established philosophy or religious principles.

Leonardo's concept of beauty was found in the 
"study of the living" in all its complexity.

"Drawing was an essential part of artistic practice during the Renaissance." 
"Drawing became the artistic equivalent of writing poetry 
or thoughts in a journal."   

 Unlike some European art museums which I've visited, 
the MFA is filled with loud, LOUD adult VOICES, 
sometimes talking about the art, oftentimes, not. 

In Blockbuster shows, it is often difficult to get near the works,
 especially when they are small.
So inbetween reading & seeing what I could of the drawings, 
I guess I stepped back & recorded my observations of
 "the living."

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Backroads of Maine. Haystacks

Looking East to the Camden hills from route 52.
For me, it's one of the most beautiful backroads in Maine.
It's all the more beautiful in early evening light after
an afternoon of kayaking on a very blue Lake Megunticook.

In my childhood I dreamed of living on a farm.
Haystacks were a symbol of that life. 
Those haystacks were cone shaped in the fairy tales, 
formed by hand instead of rolled.

In childhood I always colored the grass a flat green color.
It is interesting to me how differntly colored it really is! 

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

On the Road in Maine

This summer,
I've been traveling some Maine backroads. 
Augusta, Camden, Appleton, Rockport.
Portland, Freeport, Union, Searsport.
And Twice to Quebec City...

"Life is a journey, not a destination," 
said Ralph Waldo Emmerson. 

But on these trips, 
the journeys & the destinations
are equally pleasant parts 
of my summer life.

Thursday, July 9, 2015

The Blue Greens!

It was like going swimming
into my favorite colors...
This is the Before version
of the above collage...

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Summer Colorplay

A little collage to wish you all
a most playful summer!

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Maine's Glendarragh Lavender Farm

I always associate lavender with France, Italy & England.
But yesterday we visited a Maine lavender farm! 
After a beautiful ride through green, green, green, 
woods, farms & fields, overlooking rivers & lakes 
the Camden Hills to the east, 
we arrived at a 26 acre farm in Appleton,
 nestled in rolling meadows & 
filled with French & English lavender, 
flower gardens, bird houses, & old oak trees, 
not to mention happy wanderers.

Glendarragh Farm is open to the public 
only 3 days a year, during the harvest. 
Young student farm workers guide you , 
explain the growing, harvesting & drying processes, 
and share some history of how the farm came to be.
The gift shop, in an old barn, allowed us to bring back home
 a little healthy, therepeutic, aromatic, cheerful Lavender, 
in my case, in the form of a bouquet.

The Glendarragh Farm Lavender shop 
on Camden's Main St. is open year round!
When the front door is open, enchanting, enticing 
fragrance wafts out the door & lures me in, to luxuriate in
the scents of dried lavender,  & lotions & balms,
made by Glendarragh's owner.  
 They are interspersed with lovely treats such as 
blue & lavender scarves, pottery, sachets, & candles... 

The Fourth of July: 
It was a, pastoral, lavender filled summer day...  

Friday, July 3, 2015

More Maine...

Another version, western Maine.
Distant views nourish my soul...

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Maine, But Not the Coast

You hear a lot about the Maine Coast...
Lobsters, lighthouses, islands, & sailboats...
But Oh! The mountains & lakes
in central and western Maine~
Such immense beauty there!

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Quick Sketch from a Quick Sketch

 A view from the window of the Camden Library.
A very quick sketch (above) 
from an even quicker sketchbook sketch (below). 
Above:  Staples DuraPoint pen
on Arches 140 cold press. 
While waiting for some one I was trying out
two new pens from nearby Rockport Blueprint, 
a fantastic art supply shop. 
The new pens: Gel Xtreme 
(not waterproof so I'll only use it for writing) &
Alyn TechLiner 02 which is waterproof & which I love.

Friday, June 26, 2015

More Phone Doodling

While on the phone my brain is busy, 
and it leaves me alone to play...