Monday, May 22, 2017

Tiny Books Get Tinier!

 Still using bits & pieces, leftover swatches of watercolor play.
I switched from accordion pages 
to simple pamphlet stitched pages for these little guys.

Non-adhesive covers (previous posts) 
with store bought fancy papers and Canson,
with a pamphlet stitched signature.
 Learn some skills, then use them in different combinations. 
I've let go of wanting immediate perfection, and
with each new book, there is indeed more precision!
They come from chaos,
tubs of little bits and pieces, 
piles of paper scraps,
and miscellaneous odds and ends.
And from reading books like
Making Handmade Books 100+ Bindings
by Alisa Golden.

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

More Mini Accordions with Some French

Some Materials:
Quality paper 
• du papier de bonne qualité
• du papier qui est souple et flexible
• du carton, l'épaisseur dépende 
sur la taille de livre et sur le type de papier
• un couteau, X-acto knife
(il faut souvent changer la lame)
• de la colle, je préfere "Yes! Glue" et "UHU glue stick" 
(Bâton de colle) 
Ruler and Triangle
• Une règle de métal, un triangle
Embroidery thread
• du fil de broderie

How To:
Put "non-adhesive accordion book" into Google.
My favorite is the one by Rebecca Edwards,
"How to Make an Accordion Folded Book Without Glue"
But check out lots of others for tips on various techniques.
Practice, Practice, Practice!
Il me faut pratiquer avec beaucoup de répétition.

I'm not gifted in cognitive, left brained functioning...
I have to try things and experiment. 

If faut aborder mes projets 
dans un esprit d'exploration, d'aventure, 
d'expérimentation et de découverte. 

I still mess up on new projects like this, 
having  to adjust elements. 
It all works à la fin, just takes me longer.
(But when I will teach it, I will have it down
because of the practice.)

The author of the podcast Français Authentique says: 

"N'avyez pas peur
de faire des erreurs." 

Dont' be afraid to make mistakes.
Oui, j'en essaie.

Sunday, April 30, 2017

Handmade Books & Perfectionism

An old hand printed 
(not by me) 
paper scrap
A button 
I've been saving for years
Embroidery floss that's been 
in a storage box 
in the closet
Another Accordion Book 
is born.
If you worry 
(I say to myself) 
every little 
variance in size
every little wrinkle 
if you keep re-doing things
because they are not
(I say to myself)
you will never get to...
...have a wonderful new little book!

In my 
Sketchbook Journals 
I don't need
perfect lines 
perfect proportions 
perfect colors
(most of the time) 

In fact ,often, 
the looser the drawing, 
the more alive it is.
I have studied
over the years
which has given me

So I
these little books,
I practice
letting go of 
along the way.

What is your experience with 
(I could use some tips...) 

Friday, April 28, 2017

Mini Accordion Books

I'm going to a workshop called Urban Sketchers tonight!
Ironically, I'm not sketching lately. 
Maybe this will re-motivate me.

But I AM making non adhesive mini accordion books.

I'm using stored bits & pieces on the covers that, 
like unused toys on a shelf,
have been waiting to be brought to light, 
& to be loved again.

All the new mini's will be going to the workshop 
that I'll be teaching in Portland...en français...

What do these books contain? 
The aqua button one has the conjugated verb, 
"Rire" : To Laugh ,
because I love it, but I can never remember it.

The Moon and Star book has a lovely translation into French
of a quote by John Lennon:
"Nous resplendissons tous comme la lune
et les étoiles et le soleil..."

Saturday, April 15, 2017

A Happy Easter Mini

 Holidays, a lovely excuse 
to make cards & decorations!
I'm grateful that this holiday tradition 
started for me in childhood.

I LOVE mini cards, 
with cutouts glued on (Yes paste) 
onto a small folded strip.

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Home and Color Play

Playing with layers:
1. yellow tones of watercolor washes  
2. glazing, wet over dry  
3. pastel pencil marks
Simple color play turned into 
a theme (Title: "Home Schema Home") 
for a local group show at Waterfall Arts.
 Close up of one section

 I loved the schema for home 
when I drew as a young child.
And I still do as an adult sketcher. 

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Sketching Through Meetings

Sketching gets me through meetings, 
that agitate or bore me...
I re-did some images from a meeting 
I attended in February, 
to make them a bit more presentable... 
Subject of the meeting? Politics.

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Simple Travel Sketching

Simply, one sketchbook & one or several pens
while traveling.
Grab & Go, a little scribbly image 
to remember the moment for always...
In Boston, everywhere, EVERYwhere, 
lots of people (the majority?) with "Devices", 
tuned into electronic worlds,
maybe oblivious to their physical surroundings? 

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Abstracting with Negative Sapce

In the Sketchers group I presented a mini lesson on perceiving negative space, 
à la Drawing On the Right Side of the Brain
A fantastic approach for seeing & drawing!

I had observed some tree branches out of a café window
on one gray & dreary day. During the group, which took place
on another gray & dreary day, 
armed with the concept of "Point of Departure", 
I dropped & mixed colors into the spaces of a quick ink sketch. 

Here in the Northeast, in the last days of March, 
we have a limited time to observe 
the beautiful interweavings that tree branches up above make.
Oh the twisted, jagged lines & beautiful shapes of sky! 
Behold the layers of skeletal branches crissing & crossing! 

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

The Mountaintop in February

 The mountaintop to which I return often...
"Where the mountains meet the sea..."

Two sketches from the same spot,
but on two different February mornings.
I went there to breathe....
Now I go back to celebrate.
Spring has more meaning this year.

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Color Wandering Close to Home

A friend asks: What are your "prompts"?
Perhaps that is synonymous with" inspirations". "Points of departure". What launches me? 

Yesterday it was experimenting with a new "professional" brush
 that was on sale at Rockport Blueprint 

I also was inspired by some fused, wild, quilted pieces that my friend Beth gave me. 
They got me going on some color combinations that I would not normally use.
I did not copy her assembled colors, but they sparked some new explorations.
Making cards for friends, always a nice spark.

I continue to Sketchbook Wander, & it is still my favorite art practice, 
sketches prompted by what is in front of me.. 

But FINALLY being allowed back  into my home, makes me want to stay here for awhile.
I am reunited with some paints & brushes that I have missed.

What launches YOU into a zone of creating with art materials or with writing tools?

Monday, February 20, 2017

Works for the Language Exchange Show

I have been away but where I have NOT been during this time
 is at the pleasant Petits Déjeuners at Portland's Language Exchange. (1st image) 
And not out hiking like the randonneur in the 2nd sketch.
 Nor on vacation in Paris, as in the 3rd.
I have been in some high stress times in relation to home repairs. 
I did manage to frame up some work for a show at The Language Exchange.
What most of the little works in the show have in common is that they have
French language text integrated into the sketches,
or English language descriptions related to my travels in France.

Monday, January 16, 2017

Morning City Café Sketching

It's been a long while since I've been able to 
do my early morning city café sketching. 
Saturday I started as a sketcher,
but ended up as part of the group's happy energy,
as one of them caught me, 
and came over to see what I had drawn...Very fun!

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Back From Where I Came

This was my very first old home grounds.

Destiny brings me back there often these days...

La vie est imprévisible....

I am sorry that lately I'm not able to leave notes on your blogs, 
Dear Correspondents.

For now, I leave you with this image which is very dear to me...