Friday, December 29, 2017

Paste Papers and Bookmaking with Abby Read

  I attended 2 workshops at a local arts center. 
One was on paste papers & coptic stitch bookmaking by  Abby Read, 
wonderful artist & teacher. 
Made sketch notes in my Art Learning Book.
I got to wear a long printer's apron too, a grand costume! 
Even though I had done the coptic stitch before,
it's complicated for me & lots of repetition & re-learning helps! 
My finished book! I'm proud of it, like a young child
coming home from arts camp!
This one shines because I swirled in Pearlescent paint. Ooooooo!
(I also added some colored pencil marks when the paper was dry.)
 We made papers to take home! 
You mix a paste with acrylic paint, you goop it on Canson papers, 
you swirl & cut into it with tools like combs & plastic credit cards. 
I used a putty knife. 
It's fingerpainting, except without fingers, as acrylic stains! 
Such joy to dance in lines, to blend colors,
such fun to see what will happen next!
A new book in progress here at home!
The notes help me to be able to do it independently.
More using up stuff that's been around here forever,
 papers I've been saving for just this thing!

Thank you Abby Read and classmates!


  1. Witam serdecznie.Świetnie Twój zeszyt wygląda, a okładka jest super. * Miło mi było czytać Twój komentarz u mnie. Miło czytać, że ktoś Cię lubi, mimo iż go nie zna. Ja to samo czuję i pozdrawiam.

  2. Oh Rita, this is great! Your projects turned out beautifully. Someday I need to take a paste paper class -- that looks like loads of fun and I love your finished results.

    So glad to have discovered your inspiring blog this year! I hope your Christmas was merry and your New Year is happy!

  3. Perfection..I taking the Fancy Lassies course online and the first thing was a book..similar..I have made books but never w/ waxed cord etc..I was totally ferklemped and hoped the rest of the class would be more enjoyable for me..(and it was)..'tis not easy to make a book..I see it clearly since that Bonne Année t'ai répondu sur mon petit blogue..nous,le courrier fut pourri tout le mois de décembre,semblerait que notre postillon nous aurait quitté.Les patrons..ont fait de la suis en campagne..aucune livraison chez nous.. ce sont des boitiers(circonflexe) communautaires....alors je t'aviserai immédiatement:) J'espère que ma petite carte s'est rendue chez toi.

  4. what an excellent student you are. those swirly papers are BEAUTIFUL! and the binding for the book makes me think of hands being held. wonderfully executed. thank you for sharing and sending wishes for a sweet and inspiring new year.

  5. You are delightful to visit . . .
    Always something new . . .
    Sketches I love . . .
    Like apron look!

  6. Gorgeous! Loved the mention of putting on an apron--having special clothes to wear makes everything more fun :).

  7. It looks challenging, but also very fun, to make. And I love the result! Very nice!

  8. Oooooh, love so much. Love that you are always such an enthusiastic learner and sharer. . . xxxx

  9. Amazing Rita - your book is just beautiful. What a fun sounding workshop. Looks like you learned some wonderful things. Hope you have a great start to your New Year. Hugs!

  10. Beautiful Rita...swirling colors that mirror your soul in hue and form.


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