Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Filling the Air With Christmas

during the season of long nights
when we fill our coastal villages with
Colored Lights, 
Wreaths All Red and Green, 
Decorated Evergreen Trees, 
Fake Candles and~~ Sales. Lots of Sales!

Music on the radio and in shops 
fills quiet air with songs
 Jingle Bell Rock and Silver Bells,
White Christmas and Winter Wonderland...
Meanwhile I take a break,
stopping for a cup of hot soup  
in the back café of 
Beyond the Sea at Lincolnville Beach. 
I stare out the back window and sketch...
Only quiet colors here,
 of a low tide 
where the sand meets the woods beyond...
Those are ducks...
They are slower and quieter than people 
at this time of year...

May you have a serene holiday season...R.


  1. Thank you for your holiday greetings! I enjoy your posts so much.

  2. Rita, I love this post so much -- your beautiful illustrations and wonderful words. A serene season to you as well, Rita. I love this blog.

    PS -- don't forget to stop by my blog before the 25th. I will have a link on each post to my 10th blogging anniversary drawing!

  3. She looks like you!!. Love your sketches

  4. Lovely! Your sketch of the ducks makes me long to go back north to Lake Superior. Merry Christmas!

  5. Witam. Wolałabym bym być w ciszy i pięknym miejscu, jak na Twoim szkicu, niż przeżywać zgiełk świąteczny. Ja jestem, chociaż miałam przerwę i mam nadzieję, że nie zapomniałaś mnie. Życzę radosnych Świąt i pozdrawiam.

  6. Same to you--enjoy the pleasures of the season and stay warm!

  7. Would love to know what types of pens you are using. I assume permanent ink? And it looks like maybe watercolor pencil and watercolors or? Thank you! Lovely! Would like to share with my mother.


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