Thursday, November 30, 2017

Batches of Mini Cards

My mom & I used to bake Batches of Christmas cookies.
A few times we made crafts. Each year during 
the darkness of the year I fall into making cards (not cookies).
This year, Batches of mini cards, 2.5"X 3". 
I call them "Reet's Paper Treats".
 Some to give away. Some to sell at The Sail Locker (click here). You can also catch the Sail Locker at the Saturday United Farmers Market of Belfast.   
 Using my bits & pieces again,
and my themes that have sat in the idea journal for awhile.
They're in cellophane packets, hence the reflections.
I forgot to photo them before wrapping.

Also a batch of 4" X 6" cards. 
Some are re-purposed pop-ons from last year's French alphabet series.
Working toward a line for summer tourist season in Maine.
So many talented artists & artisans on the coast of Maine
who are also great entrepreneurs. (Marketing is not my forté.)
"Magic for you!" says the fairy!


  1. so many to look at and each a little gem all on its own. what a wonderful gift you have and how joyful for all of us that you generously share your creations.

  2. Oh what treasures.. I am certain they would sell so is hard to self promotoe isn't it? A blogger I have followed for years..dreamt of her own cookbook..she is humble and found it hard..after yrs and yrs her dream came read about her..a publisher approaced her..I wish the same for you:)In your comfort zone.
    So darn cute!

  3. I have noticed that Instagram is a fabulous marketing tool:) And I think you would appreciate the don't have to post..comment..nothing:)I discovered a beautiful potter..her mugs are truly works of would love her creations..terrefermepottery

  4. Fabulous as always. Where DO you get these ideas!!!!!

  5. I love each and every single one of them, Rita! They're adorable and with great charm! I looked at the Sail Locker -- are they the 85 little flat notes? It didn't look quite like you or these but hard to know.

    And thank you a thousand times for coming to the Gypsy, all your wonderful words (could you feel me smiling across the Great Lakes and up into Maine?) and all your catch-up! I do love our blogging world!

  6. I love them..those are so adorable.

  7. Oh my goodness Rita - these are all so lovely. I would be hard pressed to pick a favorite. Wish you the best success and blessings in where these beautiful works travel. Take care and have a great weekend. Hugs!

  8. Completely charming. And that store looks like a fun place to browse.


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