Sunday, October 29, 2017

At the Scenic Train Ride Station

Field trip with the group to the local scenic train ride station.
Instead of focusing on the trains,
I was attracted to the scene across the street. 

Colors are fading, but the big old pine showed her vibrant greens. 
I heard that when she sheds her needles (leaves), 
they are from last year's batch.
 So wonderful to be with the other sketchers.
Each of their sketches, very different from mine,
taught me something, & each pleased me.
Diverse comments about each work enriched my viewing.
From seeing their art work 
I thought maybe we had shrunk down 
found ourselves to be figures 
in a miniature toy train station.
This place is designed for us kids, young & old!


  1. You are always so generous when you view the work of others. By doing so you inspire the rest of us to keep experimenting and learning. Thank you.

  2. How much fun is that?? And I love you work as always


  3. Kindred spiirits revelong in each others for me?
    I love yours:) The addition of the signage is just so charming to me.

  4. I need to study how you paint trees--I love the way they look.

  5. Love your distinctive style, that free line and muted colors xx

  6. What a fun post. I love your beautiful tree and I think it's so great you can do this with like minded sketchers! That bark on the tree is fabulous and I really love the charming lettering on the sign.

  7. I like your drawing. Can you tell me what you use for a pen?


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