Monday, September 17, 2012

Learning to Paint

Working on disciplined color charts in the cognitive mode. David Dewey & Carol Gillott (click on Paris Breakfast) say you have to do studies, studies, studies. I admire the watercolors of both of these artists. The more you understand the laws of nature that govern color & the more you get to know your paints, the more grounded you will be when painting intuitively & expressively. 
I'm working on learning to paint without my lines, however,  I adore making marks with ink pens. I could just scribble all day. Above is a scene from Owl's Head at Dewey's workshop.

Is it a coincidence that much of my artistic practice as a child was with old fashioned coloring books? When I taught art to children I got to enjoy my own creative lessons, but they did not get as rooted in my psyche as the art experiences from my own childhood. So, you work with what you know & love, but keep pushing edges too. Painting outside of the lines as well as within...


  1. Hi Rita, I wonder why you feel the need to have lessons, when you can sketch in your journals such easy flowing pen sketchs, with a little water colour & achieve such detail with so few strokes,and get such a wonderful end result. I admire your work. keep sketching.

    1. Barbara, You make a good point. Reasons to learn watercolor painting: 1. It's just so interesting to learn how artists use color & how colors relate to each other 2.To expand my use of color in my ink-line sketches 3. I love the process of the way colors mingle & run into each other by way of water 4. I'm attracted to the fluid, delicate, transparent quality of watercolor paintings even though I will never be a fine-art wc painter...I guess that's some of it...I assure you, I will keep sketching! Thank you for your comment & appreciation of my sketches, R.

  2. Hmmm...nice color swatches
    Try dipping your pen into a puddle of watercolor or colored ink and see what happens.
    Trick yr self
    DD always used to say to me lose the line/contours and I didn't wanna but it is freeing once you do.
    Bon chance

    1. Sometimes it's good to try things that one doesn't wanna, n'est-ce pas? I will try dipping my pen into puddles! Merci et bonne chance à toi, mon amie.

  3. Rita, it is always good to step out of our comfort zone and to experience with fresh eyes and ideas. You are doing beautifully, ma chère!


  4. I'm impressed with painters. I wish I could. I tried. Not successful!

  5. I started my very brief painting life with watercolor. "Fools rush in....". I had no idea that it would be so hard, it looks so easy. Alas, I struggled then gave it up. My camera h as replaced my paints. Now I can capture what I see in my head. It is still a passion.

    I love your work. It's so easy and free. What a gift you have with that pen and brush.


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