Monday, November 19, 2012

Poor November

People around town are already starting to festoon, adorn, trim, embellish & ornament  their lamposts, yards & doors with lights & Christmas decorations. But our actual landscape looks more like this sketch, from November, 2003. 
Mid-November Quebec City, 2012 displayed last shouts of autumn colors...
But signs pointed to next month's celebrations & bookshops were already well stocked with Christmas books. Our month of November seems to get ignored. It lacks the glitz of October & is overshadowed by the anticipation of  December...Still, it's a lovely month...
A Happy November Thanksgiving to you!


  1. Happy Thanksgiving, Rita!
    In Canada, we celebrated Thanksgiving in October. I used to love this holiday, the decorations, the food (except the pumpkin pie :-) ).
    English speaking turkeys say: gobble, gobble.
    Polskie indyki mówią: gulgulgulgulgul ;-).

  2. Its a pretty time of year. Except today.. its nasty outside and leaves are flying all over and soon all the color will be gone.
    Love your two paintings and Love the horse and buggy.

  3. Happy Turkey Day to all around your table today... and ships at sea.


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