Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Everyone Loves Spring. Except...

Young leaves are filling in fast. 
They are even more yellow-chartreuse-y 
than I painted them.

This phase of spring brings a myriad of colors.
But one has to stop & really look 
to catch what's happening. 
It's easy to only see the Drama-Queen Blossoms.

Everyone seems to love spring.
But I'm not a fan
except for the pleasant air & temperatures.  
The pollen burns my eyes.
The tree skeletons & unfettered views of the water
are disappearing quickly now.
But they will return.


  1. Many are suffering from the pollen!
    You are not alone Rita..

    Howling winds..pouring rain..black skies..shivering apple blossoms..no electricity.
    Love your work!

  2. Are you able to take anything for the pollen (like Zyrtec?) That's the only way I can enjoy the outdoors in this beautiful spring! xx

  3. The trees have changed her dramatically this week! I, too, prefer the stark trunks and branches. Wishing you relief, dear Rita. Does a net I pot help clear your sinuses?

  4. The new leaves will filter our air and produce new O2. Thank you trees!!

  5. I've been having terrible allergies this year, and I don't usually have any problem, so I sympathize with you. Still, those views after a long winter must be worth it!

  6. Spring blooms are lovely if they are naturals -- rhododendrons flourish very abundantly around here in just about every bright color one can image --- plantings that look like a circus has come to town. Not all plants are marvelous. Most are wonderful but not all. -- barbara


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