Thursday, November 19, 2015

Sketchbook Wandering: The Last Post

How I hate endings, but,
the time has come to end this blog. 
It's been such a wonderful experience
with some gifts that I never expected, 
including making some new friends & penpals, 
in this state, in this country, & in Europe!

I've loved following your blogs regularly 
& receiving comments. 
I've loved sharing my process & my little drawings.
Sketchbook Wandering taught me a lot.

I am Wandering less these days, 
but continue to carry my Sketchbook.
I'm enjoying my art & other involvements here, 
close to home.

There are pictures to be drawn,
pages to be written, & new surprises to come!
A friend says each morning as she arises, "Yippee!" 
I say, "Hura!" "Youpi!" & "Yippee!"

I'll leave the blog up & check in from time to time,
so if any of you wonderful correspondents wish 
to leave me notes, I will love that!

Do zobacznia, au revoir, & may we meet again!  


  1. Rita , I'll miss your lovely sketches. I'm sure what ever you do will come from your heart. Your love of sketching is shown in each and everyone. I've always thought you should be an illustrator for children's books, Bon chance,

  2. I will miss your sketches as well. Thanks for what you have created here. That time does come, I know. Be well.

  3. I want to thank you..for the pleasure of having "met" you.
    I am sorry about this.

    I saw a new post and looked forward to it.. have been an inspiration..always..
    Actually I am saddened .

  4. Wishing you joy and peace on your continuing journey. I am pleased that you will be leaving your blog up because it will continue to be visited and inspire others even if you are no longer sharing. It is a legacy you should be proud of. Kimara from

  5. Aw, I will be sorry to see you go here, but I do understand, I appreciate the finality of your final post. That's how I'll do it when I leave the blog.

  6. I'm so sorry you are ending your blog but since you will leave it up, you can also step in from time to time and catch readers up on new doings.

  7. Witam serdecznie. Jest mi bardzo przykro, że zamykasz bloga. Podjęłaś taką decyzję i szanuję ją. Jest mi jednak żal. Ja mam nadzieję, że wrócisz do niego, bo Ci będzie tęskno za nami. Pozdrawiam i ściskam oraz ślę buziaki.

  8. Wouldn't you know it - just as I get into blogging again, you are ending yours. I'm sad to see you go, but I can always check in with your blog if I need to see some beautiful and inspiring sketches!! Best wishes to you!! xoxo Silke

  9. I will miss your posts and I'm so happy to have "met" you. I hope your days will be filled with all the things you love best. Thank you for the inspiration, and for the thoughtful comments you've left on my blog as well. Bonne chance!

  10. I hope to meet you someday....Birdman would have liked that.

  11. Oh, Rita! It looks like I am late for the party....I love your beautiful, inspired work! See you soon, Lyn (librarian)

  12. Oj szkoda, bardzo lubiłam tu zaglądać:( Hope to see you here someday again!

  13. Ohhhhh . . . .I wish you'd be here more often . . . :((

  14. How saddened I was to learn that you will no longer be sharing your lovely work and thoughts on your blog. I am always inspired and uplifted by your beautiful water colors and come away with a smile on my face and a happy heart, believing that maybe, just maybe, I can someday create something of my own that would be so lovely. I wish you joy in your journey! Thank you so much for leaving your blog up so we may continue to be inspired!! Bonne chance!!

  15. Witam serdecznie. Miło mi bardzo, że pamiętasz o mnie. Komentarz u mnie po angielsku, nie przeszkadza. Dam radę z jego tłumaczeniem. Ty się musisz męczyć z oczytaniem mojego pisania po polsku. Sama jednak chciałaś :). Pozdrawiam Cię serdecznie i ślę całusy.

  16. Book making has perhaps stopped you in yr tracks. I understand what a huge time sucker that is..and am avoiding like thhe plague!!
    Papers everywhere calling out to me. What's up?
    Cheers Carolg


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