Friday, May 20, 2016

Spring Flowers on the Dining Table

After I had finished a tightly rendered commercial art project,
I found relief by drawing loosely with quill pen, India ink & watercolor. 
They are flowers from a friend, a gift.

The photo process turned the yellows of the daffodils to green. 
Either I need a new camera or a new photo program...
This color distortion happens too often.
Any advice?

It's the lightness of these flowers, & the vivid colors, 
that were most important to me, as they sat, 
Princesses of the dining room table, 
backlit by southern spring time sun.


  1. I think it depends on computers because the colors are fine here..I find art never looks the same scanned..j'adore ce bouquet Rita.
    Ton unique!

  2. Happy colors just begging to be painted

  3. Such a pretty bouquet. I love fresh flowers in the house, but my cat likes to eat them! There are only a few places I can place them where she can't get to them. That's OK--I can always come here and enjoy your sketch!

  4. Beauteous -- I've missed your paintings xx


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