Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Back From Where I Came

This was my very first old home grounds.

Destiny brings me back there often these days...

La vie est imprévisible....

I am sorry that lately I'm not able to leave notes on your blogs, 
Dear Correspondents.

For now, I leave you with this image which is very dear to me...


  1. Piękny obraz. Bywa tak, że są inne o wiele, wiele ważniejsze sprawy niż blog. Zajmuj się nimi. Życzę spokojnego 2017 roku i ślę całusa.

  2. Dear Rita, you've mentioned having some challenges lately...I sincerely hope things will smooth out for you soon. We will be here when you have time and energy to visit. Sending you good thoughts and happy vibes.

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  4. Hello Rita, Do you post your work on instagram as well? - whats your handle? Thanks!

  5. Originally from Maine, now in Washington state. Your pics make me nostalgic for previous days, especially the Common Ground Fair. Nothing like that out here.


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