Monday, May 22, 2017

Tiny Books Get Tinier!

 Still using bits & pieces, leftover swatches of watercolor play.
I switched from accordion pages 
to simple pamphlet stitched pages for these little guys.

Non-adhesive covers (previous posts) 
with store bought fancy papers and Canson,
with a pamphlet stitched signature.
 Learn some skills, then use them in different combinations. 
I've let go of wanting immediate perfection, and
with each new book, there is indeed more precision!
They come from chaos,
tubs of little bits and pieces, 
piles of paper scraps,
and miscellaneous odds and ends.
And from reading books like
Making Handmade Books 100+ Bindings
by Alisa Golden.


  1. These are wonderful and I'm eager to try my hand on some of my own. So delighted to have found your blog!

  2. Oh, how sweet! Looks like such a fun project!

  3. how i love your scraps...your bits and bobs...and what charming creations you make with them!

  4. Love your marvelous mini books, Rita!!


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