Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Photo: Dream Summer Winter Nightmare

Kathy, at her blog, Catching Happiness, always gets me thinking about how one has the ability to choose how to go through each day. Her recent post, about summer verses winter in Florida, got me thinking about these seasons here at the other tip of the United States. 

Last last winter I spent some time in a living nightmare because of some unlucky circumstances. But I experienced a phenomenon that I had known to be true from inspirational writing & stories: In the midst of fear & despair one can find fortitude, joy & serenity. With some hard work, & a little (a lot of) help from friends the nighmarish circumstances seem to finally be floating away.

And summer has drifted in like a pleasant dream. I first started living in Maine when I was in my late teens. I feel as youthful today as I did then when I am kayaking...(well, almost...) There I go, paddling gently into happiness...


  1. Me too..love it..I love being in a kayak..twice..:)

  2. It's fun to see this side of you. Nightmares, never good. You are right, though, about finding the fortitude and serenity if you look at it all the right way. But I'm so glad you've found happiness in Maine. I love the photo. So lovely!

    Thanks so much for popping by and leaving a couple of very nice comments on my blog! Made me smile! Next time you have your breakfast in the park outside of Cluny, stop in when you're done. You'll love it!

  3. Ah Rita - so glad you have that special knack of seeing the positive side to life. It is always refreshing to find gratitude instead of grumbling or looking at the negative side. Your photo of you paddling gently into happiness made me smile. Have a great day. Hugs

  4. Oh so happy to hear that the change of season has brought a change in circumstance, and much happier times! The kayaking looks wonderful. (And thanks for the mention :) )


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