Friday, April 27, 2018

Sketchers Go Downeast

Sketchers went Downeast, to Stonington. Field Trip!!
Sketchbook Wandering!

 I got to ride in the back seat...
Quick impressions on the road to Deer Isle. 
Last chance to enjoy tree branches as buds are sprouting.

I got car sick from all the curves & hills, but it was worth it!

Glimpses drawn from imagination & memory.
In the sketchbook, not on watercolor paper...
Low tide.

If I could sum the voyage up in word, it would be: BLUE!
Blue & breezes & springtime sun, 
replacing frozen grays of winter.
On the way home we stopped on top of Caterpillar Hill,
and looked out across the Bay! So often I have looked out to 
Caterpillar Hill from my home on the mainland! Amazing!


  1. I wish you posted every week!! Love the paintings of your trip..the crates and house:)♥So Maine so cute!Not fun being car sick:(

  2. I love your sketches. Good idea with watercolor no time to fuss. Looks great

  3. Ah Rita - your sketches are amazing...I love the ones drawn from your imagination...just lovely friend. As for the photos they are beautiful as well. Hope you have a great day. Hugs!

  4. Oh, you are back! I just love your style. Like Monique said, I wish you posted every single week. Or more! Sorry about the car ride, though!

  5. I know what you mean about the BLUE. That's how I felt last summer in the San Juan Islands. Looks like a nice trip, and you managed quite a bit from the back seat. I find it's hard enough to scan for scenes while driving...let alone sketch!

  6. I especially liked the pastels you used for rock and sand.

  7. I love your style, sketches, watercolor, blue, each, all . . .

    Back seat riding can NOT happen for me . . .
    Thinking of your “mention” . . . I felt car sick immediately . . .
    Well, not quite that fast, . . . I have great empathy for people who get car sick!!
    It usually stops me in my tracks . . . happy you were able to “carry on!”


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