Sunday, August 12, 2018

Not Far From Home: The Show

Based on a local scene, down by the waterfront...
Taking liberties, playing with color more than 
making an accurate representation...
The show is up at the Library. 
"Not Far From Home: From the sketchbooks of Rita..."
I am adding more writing to the sketches these days. 
Several viewers have said, "This looks like a book!" 
That makes me happy.
The little guys. 5 X 7's
Like the ones I most often sell.
 A mess of sketchbooks in a case.
The show is not framed in fancy ways.
They are mostly rough sketches.
I enjoy it that people enjoy it. 
Sharing my fun. 
And encouraging others to 
keep sketchbooks too.


  1. Oh how exciting and what a lovely vernissage.I love how it is displayed and in the case.Wow Rita.Just wow.
    I keep reading and loving more and more about taking liberties:)♥

  2. I would buy your book.I would buy Carol's and I would buy yous.

  3. Exciting . . .
    Wish I lived near your library . . .
    Wish I could purchase your art . . . cards . . . sketch book . . .

  4. Love it Rita. Hope to see it when I return. Making my own quick sketches. I'll share when I return.

  5. Rita your art is superb! Love seeing them framed and hanging at the library. The sketchbooks would be such a delight to page through.

  6. I wish I was close enough to visit. I love the display case (good idea about journal keeping) and especially seeing your beautiful work collected, framed and looking wonderful. I hope you sell out!

  7. How wonderful--I wish I was in the area, as I would definitely check out the show!

  8. We stopped in the library yesterday as we happened to be in town. I also sketch but I love your stuff!!! Wish I lived closer, I am from Albany NY!

  9. How lovely to come home from so long away, and when I step into the library lobby, there is your show. You, who I carried on my shoulder all through the UK and Provence. I took a picture, I felt you standing there working in your sketchbooks. I saw a vignette, I felt you standing back and sketching.

    Did you know you were traveling with me?


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