Saturday, July 7, 2012

Being in Paris Without Being in Paris

Even though I didn't bring my camera on my last trip, I am lucky to have photos from other trips. I couldn't be in Paris sketching today, so I sketched from one of my photo images.


  1. I've never been to Paris. Yet.
    This is so pretty. I think it captures the atmosphere of Paris I see on postcards and photos.

    1. Zosia, Paris is wonderful, and not too far from you, I think! I have yet to visit Toronto & also to return to Warsaw!

  2. J'adore Paris and take thousands of photos each trip. However, your artistry sans camera just blows me away and I am in love with your sketches and watercolors. Paris is a visual treasure and you have a wonderful eye for that detail.


  3. Jacques Prévert a écrit un poème sur la fameuse phrase de Shakespeare "To be or not to be" mais il en a profondément changé le sens en y apportant une très légère modification, pas anodine du tout! Et cette citation de Shakespeare est devenue "Être où ne pas être" qui révèle un art de vivre souvent bien agréable. Voilà ce que tu as fait ici.

    Jacques Prévert wrote a poem on Shakespeare's famous sentence "To be or not to be" but he profoundly changed its meaning by very lightly modifying it, not at all insignificant! And this Shakespearian quote became "To be where not to be" which indicates an "art de vivre" often quite pleasant.

  4. I had to lie down with a cool cloth on my forehead for a few minutes. The thought of Paris without a camera made me feel faint! !!!!


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