Thursday, February 20, 2014

Lotions & Portions

I sometimes gaze longingly at cosmetic bottles in shops.
One of them just might contain the perfect elixir
that will fix my age or skin or hair.
The prettier the bottle, the more promise it holds.
While certain natural lotions & potions help me to take care of my physical self,
I'm allergic to most chemical scents & products...
Yet, & yet, I still sometimes gaze longingly...

Remember Ponce de Léon?


  1. that's awesome! and, yes, they appeal to our senses and our gullibility. :)

  2. Pięknie wyglądają, ale nie koniecznie pomagają. Też nie przepadam za chemią w kosmetykach. Śliczny szkic :). Pozdrawiam serdecznie moja amerykańska koleżanko.

  3. I'm allergic to a lot of that stuff also, but I do love looking at the containers. I don't know what it is about them though. I used to collect boxes and love bottles and jars. Gawd, I even get into Pyrex boxes with red lids.

  4. I don't care of the inside, i love the bottles of perfumes! :o)
    Do you know this french proverb?
    "Qu'importe le flacon pourvu qu'on ait l'ivresse"
    No matter the bottle , as long as one can get drunk ...

  5. italiano:))) dear rita, eliksir młodości jest marzeniem każdej kobiety! ja też go szukam i szukam nadaremnie.

  6. We are all suckers for a pretty or cleverly designed package. Wouldn't it be a fun job to be a designer of packaging for certain items? Your bottles are delightful!

  7. Just found your blog. I love your sketches!! New Follower!

  8. Rita. You are beautiful as you are -- no need for all that chemical beauty that contains mixes we don't even know about. As I have aged I realize more and more that both men and women's beauty comes from within. And it surely does!! -- barbara

  9. Good Morning Rita and thank you for finding my blog again and for your lovely comment. I've been away for a while as you probably read on my newest posting, I changed the name of my blog and now for some reason it is not working and I don't know how to fix it. None of my previous friends and followers are obviously not getting any of my posts. I have tried and tried to figure it out and finally had given up and then I got your message this morning so I guess all is not's just that I'm lost and have no idea how to fix it. I was just looking through your latest posts and your sketches are so are such an awesome artist and so very talented. Thanks again for coming by and hope I can find my way back to all of my friends.

  10. You make such pleasing compositions (and commentary). Maybe you will show me how to capture all that is in this drawing: glass, liquid, colors, shading, shadow, etc. Ahhhh.

  11. What is it about bottles,! over the years I have saved all sorts of shapes & sizes, then had a de-clutter and now I seem to have started again.
    Love your lovely sketches with those vibrant colours .

  12. I'm not spending too much time lookin' for that fountain. Too much livin' to do.


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