Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Dancing Sunflowers

 I can't seem to get enough of them...
They call down to
 me, a humble, tiny human...
They dance in festive costume. 
They sing, "Look at us!" 
I am in love with them.


  1. I am too!
    I have wonderful memories of sunflowers..entre autres..taking a few hrs with my dear artist friend that moved photo some about 3 yrs ago..
    They have the most personality of all flowers..
    Then spotting an enormous floor planter filled with them in a courtyard in Italy..
    the sunflower field where they make the oil about 20 minutes form our home..
    my humble ones here..
    the ones my friend grew too..
    bouquets as gifts..
    The bees adore them too!

  2. I share this love . Those flowers seem very "alive" and happy !

  3. So gorgeous. I love sunflowers, too. They have personality!

  4. Rita -- And don't they look charming with the lovely blue sky behind them in one of your pics. I used to grow sunflowers outside my kitchen window in Michigan -- they would peek in at me as I worked in my kitchen. And when the wind blows -- they do dance. Nice post! -- barbara

  5. Looks like good sketching material! We have a sunflower that has grown spontaneously under the bird feeder, and I keep meaning to photograph it. Maybe tomorrow...

  6. Those sunflowers make my heart dance and sing.

  7. Can't wait for mine to 'wave' at me.

  8. That's it -- next year, I'm planting some of these cheery giants. . .

  9. I also love sunflowers. I greet you cordially.

  10. Lovely words to accompany these beautiful sunflower photos Rita!


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