Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Meditations on Color

I'm wandering down paths filled with jewels of Color
I play in layered fields of Color! Gone for now are the small 
ink landscapes (though they will be there Saturday at
Art in the Park, Mill Creek, South Portland.)

An earlier journey into Color.
Epiphany by Robert Natkin, acrylic on canvas.

 This painting is from Sister Wendy's Book of Meditations which  serendipitously jumped out at me from a bookshelf at the library the other day. Her meditations are all on fine art paintings. In the chapter, "Meditation on Silence", she writes about Natkin's painting:

"Only the abstract artist can attempt to show us light in itself, free from any material context. This is pure silence, the experience removed from the concrete & celebrated as a transforming peace. Epiphany is a Greek word meaning manifestation, a revelation of glory. We are not meant to understand Natkin's picture, any more that we are meant to intellectualize during our silence..."


  1. These sparkle with color and joy! They remind me a bit of your colorful scarf. I will be thinking of you this weekend!

  2. The colors are magnificent!

    I can just and my friend Nancy would be best of pals.
    I know it.
    Happy to see you!

  3. The bottom painting does have a very magical quality to it. I appreciate the garden-like feel to your experimenting, now that I'm harvesting tomatoes. My favorite is the third one down. There's something about the geometric open spaces that really catches me.

  4. Love the horizontal stripes pieces. They remind me of Navajo rugs! Beautiful colors and I love the "dots"

  5. The weather is cooperating this year... Birdman hopes to make an appearance. I practice silence too... after my friends tell me gently to SHUT UP!
    Funny guy.

  6. These are gorgeous Rita!!! Looks like you are having fun with this explosion of color.


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