Thursday, October 30, 2014

Maine Tiny Autumn Series

3 3/4" X 4 1/2 ", watercolor on hot press paper with Prismacolor

Tiny landscape on paper scrap, 
part of the ongoing Maine landscape series...
A little reality, a little improvisation, 
done just for the fun of drawing & painting & Feeling
places that I love, in seasons that I love.

When does a series become plain repetition? 
I think it has a life of its own.
By continuing to draw my little autumn vignettes, 
I get to extend my immerson into places that make me happy.
When it starts becoming rote repetition & a process
in which my soul is not present, then a voice says,
 "It's time to explore something else, my friend."
But for now, it's time for autumn on the coast of Maine.


  1. Enchanting . . . and wouldn't they look great in one of the accordian-type books you know how to do, mm? xx

    1. Exactly, Sharon, just what I had in mind! (How did you know? :o)

  2. So true..

    There is a beach I love and the first few years I visited..I tried to capture it's is lately..I just admire it..
    All your Maine artwork are different..the colors..the movement..I think you find new in all you LOVE.

    1. LOVE the thing, isn't it?? Just being in a place, without doing anything at all is also so wonderful, n'est-ce pas, Monique?

  3. I love the idea of using art to "extend my immersion into places that make me happy." Beautiful!

  4. As usual, I love to loose spontaneity.

  5. I am so glad it hasn't become a repetition because I am enjoying seeing these lovely fall scenes. Have a super day.

  6. I like how you explain your sketch series. One can get immersed in a subject and while in that zone swoop up all that gives oneself a mystical feeling. Than one comes to a slow down of the subject and it is put aside. Until -- the subject grabs you again be it autumn, barns, colors, gardens, folks or what have you. Good post --- barbara

  7. I think this is true. I find it also with photography. At first it seems like repetition, but each new look at a familiar theme brings subtle variations, and collectively these viewpoints have a lot to say. Especially when the process brings so much joy!!!

  8. I am fascinated by your art which seems to flow effortlessly from your tools. I love hearing about your "process" which is all just magical to me.


  9. Look into that Book Arts class at USM. Agree with Creech. Yes, they'd find a home there.

  10. I like that you write about your works!

  11. I love your nature sketches. I am a writer and I like to read your text with your paintings and sketches. Good energy.


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