Monday, November 24, 2014

Musical Sketching

Not much time for drawing lately. 
But once a week I do some of my favorite type of sketching.
Our local Fiddlers rehearse weekly, at least 20 fiddlers, guitarists, penny whistlers, pianists, 
Bodrahn drummers...playing mostly Celtic dance music...
They invite listeners.
I happily accept. 
My eyes, ears, hand, body & soul are happy dance partners. 

Music flows through me together with the enjoyment 
of the movement & composition of the musicians.
Multi-sensory JOY!
I warm up drawing solo musicians & then it's on to composites, 
just as a single melody is enriched by group harmonies & variations. 
For a previous post about sketching at the Fiddlers,
click HERE.


  1. Well, you can certainly see there's no fiddling around in this sketchbook. hahahas

  2. You do well..There is always life much of it to your sketches and paintings..
    Did it just happen?..Or did you learn?'s wonderful!

  3. Wonderful! Wanted to hear the music however your sketches and words provided the feeling. Celtic music is dear to my heart as my Irish dad used to listen to it often, What a great place to hangout at every week. -- barbara

  4. I can almost hear the music popping out of your fantastic sketches, you shine in every element, you're so talented,

  5. I love your sketches! These musicians are so full of life!

  6. Yes, what La Table De Nana says -- You do movement so well. I try to emulate . . . (p.s. Loved the card, been immersed in work, will emerge soon, I hope. xxxx)

  7. That is so cool. I'm not to the place yet where I can sketch people that look alive like yours do--I enjoyed seeing these.

  8. On croit presque entendre la musique ! Un joli moment capturé avec talent !
    Bises et à bientôt !

  9. Wonderful action in these sketches!

  10. Just wonderful Rita! Happy Thanksgiving!


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