Sunday, May 10, 2015

9 Bikes, 9 Bike Memories

9 Bikes, 9 Bike Memories

1. That first magical moment, was I six years old? when the bike, the ground & little me, minus training wheels, were in perfect harmony as my father, who was running alongside, let go of the bike. I flew away & left him in the background, cheering. 

2. My father singing "And you'll look sweet, upon the seat, of a bicycle built for two" along with the radio.

3. Riding as late as possible into the evening, after the other kids were in for dinner. It was adventure & independence, the setting was all of 2 suburban blocks.

4. Riding bikes from 7 to 9 in the morning on the Atlantic City boardwalk with my mother, before the walkers, shoppers & beach-goers were out.

5. Riding in Acadia National Park, up challenging hills, up above the blue ocean, below mountains, through spruce woods, past lakes.

6. My longest trip which for me took a lot of strength & courage:  Portland to Kennebunkport, 35 miles, in the midst of peaceful farmland & rolling meadows. 

7. Falling on one of the childhood neighborhood evening rides, all alone, scraped knee, walking my bike back home in tears.

8. Falling twice as an adult, scraped knees & almost tears. 

9. At age 13, trying to draw my bicycle for my art class sketchbook with tears of frustration. Learning about the pleasure that comes with persistence.

I would love to hear your bicycle stories!


  1. I have one.. and then..another..
    I fell ..and I guess the pedal was missing a piece of rubber because the metal part went into my the knee on the side..
    I had many still shows quite a bit..I see one else would.
    I wonder why I would have been on a bike w/out the rubbers on a pedal?
    Was I practicing on someone ele's bike?
    Then.. the first time I had my first baby girl in a seat on the back of my bicycle♥
    What a feeling having this live doll along for the ride.
    Now..going on small rides with my grandsons♥
    J'aime beaucoup tes bicyclettes..elles sont bourrées de charme.
    And I love your memories too.

  2. Cute page and great stories. I clearly remember my first bicycle...I learned to ride it by making loops around the central walkway of our apartment complex. I was so proud of myself. The bike was purple (still my favorite color) and had streamers on the handlebars and I pretended I was riding a horse!

  3. I went over my mothers best friends house and got on one of their bikes - a fat tire girls bike. Her husband ran alongside me like your dad and when I "took off" I sang, "I'm sitting on top of the world". Thanks for the memories.

  4. Love this post of reminiscing.

  5. Decorating my bike to be in my hometown parade that was a highlight of our summers. I won a $5.00 gift certificate from a mom and pops store for my decorated bike. I thought I was so lucky. Many others -- but that one sticks most in my mind. I like how you wrote this post -- listing your experiences with your bike. Bikes were pretty important to kids and they still are today. Like the sketch. Nice post --- barbara

  6. Love the drawings and the bicycle memories!! I share number 3 and 7 with you and also decorating my bike (like Barbara above) for the 4th of July. . . xx

  7. I love this post because of your shared memories. I loved my white wicker basket with the plastic daisies and my name license plate on the front of my lavender bike with the banana seat. I used to ride around the block over and over again.

  8. I like your blog!
    Gosh you have talents!
    To me some of your artistic work also have a sense of humour and I love that.


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