Saturday, June 27, 2015

Quick Sketch from a Quick Sketch

 A view from the window of the Camden Library.
A very quick sketch (above) 
from an even quicker sketchbook sketch (below). 
Above:  Staples DuraPoint pen
on Arches 140 cold press. 
While waiting for some one I was trying out
two new pens from nearby Rockport Blueprint, 
a fantastic art supply shop. 
The new pens: Gel Xtreme 
(not waterproof so I'll only use it for writing) &
Alyn TechLiner 02 which is waterproof & which I love.


  1. Funny what we see out windows when we aren't planning to see things.

  2. Ooh, love the 'process' shots and also the recs for pens. Merci. Grazie. xx

  3. I am always fond of your home..people.. pen and watercolours!
    I love waterproof pen nut here..

  4. I love buying and trying out new pens

  5. It always amazes me how few marks you have to make for me to see exactly what you see!

  6. Such a fun thing to do while you're waiting! I have wondered, logistically, what you carry with you wherever you go. This new pen seems to have a very delicate line.

  7. Hello and admire both your sketches :)))

  8. Hello and admire both your sketches :)))


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