Sunday, August 9, 2015

Portland Farmer's Market with Maine College of Art

 I spent a day in my beloved old home city of Portland, 
at the downtown Farmer's Market, 
sketching with a Maine College of Art Workshop. 
Above, not the original, as the raw sketch was 
too full of fast, scribbly lines. 
 Also a sketch from the sketch. 
Sketching with a class gave me the bravado to plunk myself 
& my little stool down in the midst of a sea of 
moving people, colors, & sounds. 
What a great way to slow down & to focus 
on one subject at a time.
If anyone was peeking over my shoulder, I didn't notice. 
This is the actual on-location, raw sketch.
Our Lady of Victories, is the monument in Monument Square,      
created to commemorate lives lost during the Civil War. 
Every Wednesday she looks down on the market below. 
I was looking up at her while eating at a sidewalk café table 
on the edge of the sidewalk.
Also on the edge of the sidewalk was Myron 
playing blues harmonica & singing lyrics, 
some traditional, some invented on the spot. 
He played well to the young children
& made them dance. He made me laugh. 
That's a foot operated tambourine!


  1. Birdman, I'm so disappointed I didn't get to see you! We were there from 11 to 12. I guess I blended into the crowds, sitting on my little low stool. I really appreciated knowing you came down. PS How was Art in the Park?

  2. I have to Pin all of these..I am quizzed at..:" raw sketches"?
    To me they look final..frameable and beautiful..
    there is such life to your art!

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  4. I feel like I was there looking over your shoulder. Didn't see me did you??

  5. Oh these are all fabulous! Love the flowers (sketch from a sketch) and the statue especially. What a fabulously fun day this looks to have been!!

  6. Fantastic sketches. Looks like a really wonderful experience.

  7. Sounds and looks like you had a great day. I love all your sketches.

  8. Don't even know how to say how much I love these -- love what you see and capture and show us. xx

  9. Ok, well I did see the musician with the tambourine foot making some tunes in the Square. Where were you set up? How did I miss you?

    1. Birdman, I was set up near the tambourine man, just outside Sparta. I was always in that general area...Next time I'll wear one of those high flourescent orange bicycle flags!


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