Sunday, October 4, 2015

The Language Exchange of Portland Maine

Meet La Fofolle. The idea of her 
as well as her name came from 
Valérie Guillet, the founder of 
Portland Maine's Language Exchange. 
She is part of the new logo & website for the school 
& its wonderful Immersion Programs & Trips.

To see her in her context, 
& to check out the school's offerings Click HERE .

La Fofolle is full of joy because at the school 
she has learned to communicate in the native language 
of the foreign country in which she is travelling! 
And she gets to learn more of that language 
when she travels with
The Language Exchange's Immersion trips!

Click Here to visit the Photo Gallery of 
Valérie’s magificent photos of past Immersion Trips.
My favorite happened to be the Lavendar Trip en Provence.
  It was one of the most enchanting experiences of my life!
The day we went into the mountains to see, to experience 
& to smell the amazing fields of lavender 
I'd forgotten to bring my camera. 
So I had to sketch like never before!
But now I am delighted to see Valérie's photos in her gallery!


  1. No one paints JOIE like you do.Fofolle's expression is priceless..
    J'ame beaucoup beaucoup beaucoup.
    What a fantastic..shool..I just read a bit of the French activities..etc.breakfasts..amazing.
    I bet your trip was very memorable..unforgettable..
    Adorable Rita..Fofolle is adorable.

  2. I'm partial to that 'purple tapestry' too.

  3. What a happy little logo! And I'm imagining the scent of those lavender fields right now.

  4. Replies
    1. The real congratulations go to Valérie and The Language Exchange! I was glad to participate in Valérie's idea and in her programs!

    2. Like your biker woman with a great smile -- nice symbol for transportation. -- barbara

  5. Witam serdecznie po mojej wakacyjnej przerwie i ślubie syna. Twoje logo jest urocze i bardzo mi się podoba. Pola lawendowe są przepiękne i czuję nawet zapach kwiatów :). Pozdrawiam cieplutko i ślę buziaka.


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