Wednesday, December 16, 2015

(Blog) Home for the Holidays: Card-Making

A little forest of mini Evergreen Christmas cards.
Each card is unique, though a member of the same forest.

My mini good luck charm Dopey thinks it's his little forest! 
It is until we send out the trees to their new homes. 

Cut Outs and Paper Dolls:
The trees reminded me how I love cut-outs. To see my old post, "Paris Paper Dolls", click HERE.
Or, click Here to see my old post 
"Paper Doll Story in Progress".

So, Happy Holidays to All, and to All Happy Creating,
no matter what your medium!


  1. Love the cards..the forest ..Dopey..and ALL the cutouts.♥

  2. Happy holidays to you Rita, love your cute cut-out trees,

  3. Dopey ma piękny las. Bardzo podobają mi się Twoje wycinanki. Ja mam ciągle nadzieję i wierzę, że wrócisz do blogowania. Życzę Ci wspaniałych Świąt i szczęśliwego 2016 Roku. Pozdrawiam Cię, ściskam i ślę dużo buziaków.

    1. Dziękuję za życzenie u mnie i nie szkodzi, że skopiowałaś z mojego postu treść.:))) Najważniejsze, że byłaś . Pozdrawiam i ślę buziaka.

  4. So good to see you back. LOVE everything. Cut-outs! Who would have thought!!

  5. Adorable! A happy little forest :). Hope your holiday is beautiful!

  6. I love your cut-outs so much . . . and I especially love this forest of card-trees or tree-cards . . . :))

  7. "You never lose: you win, or you learn"!I love your forest, I'll try to do one.
    I wish you ALL the best for 2016!♥

  8. Oh I hope you have reconsidered not to leave your blog. I so enjoy your creative talent and spirit. Update us if there is a future for you down the road. Your tree forest and cut-outs are such a great example of the kind of creativity you have. Enjoy 2016 -- barbara

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  10. Hi Rita, Love your little trees... thanks for visiting Mark's blog.....Hope you are doing well.


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