Sunday, September 4, 2016

Sweet Home Belfast Farmer's Market

At the Belfast Farmer's Market, as summer begins greeting autumn.

I arrived early & while watching vendors set up 
a woman near me said she arrives early each week
 in order to get in line to buy her elderly dad 
his favorite loaf of bread, before it runs out,
from Plymouth Pond Farm & Bakery. 
Eventually I also joined the line & while waiting
I started the above sketch.

I hung out at the market for about 4 hours. 
In between sketches I chatted 
with various friends & acquaintances 
at "my" centrally located picnic table.

Toward noon there were very few baked goods left 
at Plymouth Pond Bakery (sketch above).

Belfast Farmer's Market:
less quantity, 
less variety, 
less stimulation,
less noise 
fewer crowds

than at my old 
Portland Farmer's Market.

more greetings,
more space,
more tranquility.

colorful, homegrown
produce & products
& vendors who smile as they
talk about their process & products
& as they exchange money
with people like me who also smile
& fill straw & cloth bags.

There was a time when I lived here 
but longed to be there.
But recently I have come Home 
to my small Belfast town,
including its Farmer's Market.

To market, to market, 
(not buying a pig)
Home again, home again
Jiggedy Jig.


  1. Love how you catch the ease of your market in both words and drawings . . . xx

    1. Thanks, Sharon, Yes, I so enjoyed the relaxed and easy atmosphere...As far as the writing, I am inspired by your new book, Moo, and how the prose and the poetry as so creative and varied! One does not just have to write in sequential sentences, who knew?!


  2. I would love to do work like this.
    So charming and I am glad Belfast is home now to you..It was Camden before right?

    1. I love the work you DO do, Monique. Belfast is Home, before it was the city of Portland...100 miles away...

  3. What a fun place to sketch. If it were me, I would probably have helped to clean out the bakery stall!

    1. Yes, that bakery was wonderful. I loved getting the tip from the early bird regular customer...I had a spinach foccacia for my lunch...Local and fresh!

  4. cool sketch! I love this kind of graphics


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