Sunday, September 11, 2016

The French Breakfast at The Language Exchange

My old school in my old city,
 The Language Exchange in Portland
 just celebrated 20 years of the weekly French Breakfast,
 Le petit déjeuner (no English allowed!). 
I was so sad that I couldn't be there for the party,
but I sent a birthday card.
My first petit déjeuner, 15 years ago, 
marked the debut, the beginning, 
of a new era in my adult life: 
My French studies.  
Today, they are still such an important part of my life!
Merci, Valérie, et Bon anniversaire!


  1. Loose and lively envy here:) How perfect le croissant.

  2. Love your painted card, always enjoy seeing your style of sketch painting.

  3. Very pretty. I love your colour palette. :)

  4. It amazes me how just a few lines so elegantly capture so much--and how your colors always please. xx


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