Friday, October 21, 2016

Autumn Changes

Changes as October hurries on. 
The leaves, blow & fly these days. 
Trees are  are partially dressed, 
arms & fingers revealing themselves more each day. 
Above, a sketch based partly on a summer photo 
of Somes Sound, Mount Desert Island, 
and partly (mostly) on memory. 
In the scene above, the trees are still
wearing their September coats. 
Completely from memory, 
that high spot I described 2 posts ago, 
on my way East, Augusta to Belfast by the horse farm.

PS. I replaced the sketch that was originally 
in the previous post.
Do scroll down to check it out...
A sketch of a sketch, the original served 
as a good reference for this one.
My own changes:
Creating more from memory,
 looking into my mind more.
I feel the change coming on of moving inward,
to a more private place. 
I have the intention to not post here for awhile...
On verra, we shall see...
I am hearing: "Follow your Heart," 
express your authentic self,
in the midst of so many distractions out there.


  1. Great stuff. I love your landscapes of Maine but really do love you "people"


  2. I too love your much! And scenes in cafés..and Christmas with tree vendors..and your Maine landscapes..gee there is not much I don't love..
    enjoy your inner time..a nice reflective holiday ..:)

  3. From memory is s nice way to work. I often have to correct color balance on photos in the same way when my camera's read of the color is different from what my eye sees.

  4. I always love your sketches. I'm no good at sketching from memory. Writing, however, is another story. (accidental pun, there)

  5. Lovely sketches. I'd love to see the leaves changing in Maine--maybe one day my husband and I will complete our leaf peeping in the Northeast. Enjoy the changing season and follow your heart!


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