Tuesday, November 1, 2016

An Old Autumn Tree

Time away from the blog has told me: 
I needed to get back to my true purpose:
To remember why I draw.
I had gotten distracted, 
starting to think that it was 
about showing others, forgetting
my internal need for 
observing, recording, reflecting,
When I'm in my personal process,
knowing that I'm not obligated to show everything,
then I can also choose to share.

I sketched the tree out the window during breakfast
at my favorite bed & breakfast in Bar Harbor.
After, I had a lovely sketch walk 
along one of the carriage roads, 
with a friend,
a friend who is more familiar 
with what's happening in nature
than I am. 
We would stop, she would point out
what she was seeing,
give explanations,
while I sketched & wrote down her quotes. 
I too was in the mode of stopping & noticing.
Very very wonderful, a gift,
at this time of year when there is so 
much variety & change.


  1. I too question blogging..but even years ago before blogging..I would share a great new recipe with a friend..a bargain in children's clothes..building inspectors and loan officers..agents in different parts of the world..books I loved..blogging for me is sharing..in case someone wants to bake or cook or embark on a new craft..
    I have always been in the service industry..until 6 yrs ago..and still love sharing..
    I do admit to shying away from blogs that are mainly about posessions.
    It seems many people have so much..in the material sense..

    I get excited seeing kids..and art ..and landscapes and great recipes..book recommendations..fabulous photos..and yes I do follow certain bloggers that love tablescaping etc.. because it's their passion and they have encouraged mine:)
    But I have passed that..less is more to me personally..
    but that's just me.Too many years of marital life and collecting..:)And it is fun to see nice people love being creative with their things..
    Please..never stop blogging and sharing..you must have an idea of how very much I look forward to your posts and how much you inspire me:)♥
    Love that TREE!

  2. I love to stop and notice too. Recently, while walking around a local lake with my husband, we noticed a little frog barely peeking out of the water. So we made it a point to let the group of boy scouts passing by know. And then, just a little ways down the path, we saw a brown snake! I felt like nature was rewarding our slowness that day.

    Beautiful tree! I am glad to hear that you have gotten back to your true purpose (and happy to see another sketch too!).

  3. Rita, I have been following your blog for quite some time and it brings me such joy. I think your paintings are so lovely...you capture a moment so simply and so beautifully. I especially enjoy images from Maine which I love so much. I have been blogging for almost 2 years...sharing something almost every day....my art, my collections, what I come across that makes me smile. It has honestly made me see the world around me differently...and I notice things I might not have before. Your 'Old Autumn Tree" post was perfect for me today.....thank you.

  4. Love the sketch of the tree and the text of your post. Such good times

  5. I think fall is a good time to turn inward and refocus our attention. Sounds like it was a comforting process. I never cease to be amazed by your subtle capture of color. I LOVE this old trunk!

  6. Interesting discovery, Rita. One of the barriers to sketching for me has been being afraid of making mistakes and "ugly" sketches that other people would see. Then I realized that no one but me has to see my practice sketches, and I gave myself permission to play and experiment. Many of my sketches would be of no interest to other people, but I'm learning from them and gaining confidence to try new things.

  7. Rita, Your blog words were captured by me especially your mention of "sense of direction." I have been off my Folkways blog for a few months travelling , mostly out of the way places. Now like you I am working on my true purpose. I had gotten away from photography and writing but just lately while taking a short visit in California something clicked and I began the walk back toward my interests. Thanks for sharing your thoughts! I plan on doing more thinking about what you said. And also to continue to brain storm while I am travelling about. -- barbara

  8. Rita -- Also, your tree is magnificent -- reminds me of a tree that was in my yard in KY -- I called it my grandmother three. -- barbara

  9. I do not like autumn because it is cold, cloudy, rainy.
    Your autumn is excellent.
    Greetings from Poland.


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