Monday, November 14, 2016

The Art Notes & Learning Journals

I've been filling my "Art Notes & Learning Journals"
with notes from books such as
Sketching People by illustrator, urban sketcher, 
Lynne Chapman.
The 4 X 6" Pentallic Traveler blank books
are perfect for this series.
And they have lovely colored covers... 
Pages of notes...
I always record the page numbers
from the books from which I'm noting.
And put the day's date on top of many of my journal pages...
I also use these journals for workshop & class
notes & sketches. We traveled 50 miles yesterday
for a super fun workshop 
on making "Faux Japanese Folded Books."
Inbetween the pages of directions & teacher quotes
(she was very funny!)
I sketched the scene before me.

During the ride over I noted some details
that I saw out the window.
Chapman and her book were a good influence:
Record essentials...quick is fine!
On the way back it was dark in the car.
The gigantic white full Moon accompanied us,
& I gazed without sketching...


  1. I love your recommendations..You were great at sketching people before though:)
    I'll look into this one..
    Love your work and the wee books too..
    I loved your Christmas trees for sale piece you did..a few moons ago:)
    Have a beautiful day Rita.
    "using patterns to define edges:)"
    Great idea!
    I did paint this daughter's 2 little boys..from the back of course!

  2. PS..I ordered is bad to want to paint people like you do:)

  3. That's a great idea, recording quotes from art books with their page numbers on your practice pages. I'm going to start doing that. I already write notes about what I was trying to do, especially if it's not obvious :).

    That moon sure was pretty--I can see why you just gazed.

  4. Thanks for the suggestion of journals. Can you also suggest the type of pens and thickness you favour?

  5. Witam serdecznie po mojej przerwie na blogu. Bardzo lubię oglądać Twoje robocze szkice ze spostrzeżeń, które Ci utkwiły w głowie. Pozdrawiam serdecznie i ślę uściski.


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