Sunday, April 30, 2017

Handmade Books & Perfectionism

An old hand printed 
(not by me) 
paper scrap
A button 
I've been saving for years
Embroidery floss that's been 
in a storage box 
in the closet
Another Accordion Book 
is born.
If you worry 
(I say to myself) 
every little 
variance in size
every little wrinkle 
if you keep re-doing things
because they are not
(I say to myself)
you will never get to...
...have a wonderful new little book!

In my 
Sketchbook Journals 
I don't need
perfect lines 
perfect proportions 
perfect colors
(most of the time) 

In fact ,often, 
the looser the drawing, 
the more alive it is.
I have studied
over the years
which has given me

So I
these little books,
I practice
letting go of 
along the way.

What is your experience with 
(I could use some tips...) 


  1. I am enjoying the photos of your little books . . .
    Reminds me of my brother, The Artist,
    who has made me several tiny book fold outs, through the years.
    Usually family photo faces from various occasions . . .
    with hand sketches and notes . . . treasures!
    We enjoy immensely.

    Perfection plays out in me, as well. I temper myself,
    especially when I feel the urge to go back, check my notes,
    glance at the room, double check things. I remind myself
    with a "stop" and thoughts of spontaneity, originality . . .
    and say to self . . . perfect as is!

  2. I love your little books and have been ruminating..about making one:)

    I have some vintage floss..somewhere..and will mail you some when I find it;)
    If and when..;)

  3. Love this little book and of course, I want to imitate it. :))
    Re: perfectionism -- striving for it is fine, but learning when to let go and appreciate the creation is important, I think. Is this wabi-sabi?

  4. Perfection for humans is an illusion.

  5. Where can we learn how to make or buy these little darling books? Thank you!

  6. Good morning Rita..I had made some hand sewn (bound ) books..and didn't like the recommended that accordeon purchased book that I liked..and I had Pinned tutorials on the accordeon watercolor books..all I needed was your post yesterday and rain to motivate me..

    it is far from perfect..:);) but I loved making it and will make more..
    Thank you as always for all the inspiration..

    PS Yours are perfect;)

  7. Lovely little book, and perfect in its imperfection. Here are some phrases I think of when I get bogged down in perfectionism: "Progress, not perfection." "Don't let the perfect be the enemy of the good." And, occasionally, "Good enough for who it's for"!

  8. These books are just wonderful. I'm looking at these closely and thinking I may have to try (and add yet ANOTHER journal to my ever-growing collection!) It's inspiring.

    Perfection. It all depends. Sometimes I will do the same painting over and over trying to get it right and sometimes -- well, not! And don't get me started on the housecleaning. Definitely NOT a perfectionist there!


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