Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Blue Skies, Gray Skies, Rainbow Skies

There's a song (my favorite version is by Willie Nelson) : 
"Blue Skies, smiling at me. Nothing but Blue Skies, do I see...

 ...Nothing but Blue Skies from Now on."

A fast sketch of a Blue Sky Day at our City Park.
But one of my most memorable experiences this summer was not of blue skies at all! 
I watched, from the top Mount Battie, a storm as it moved in over the Bay. 
Then it moved in over me, punctuated by one big thunder clap!
I ran to the car for shelter & started sketching!
To the northwest, from the same spot, 
I saw Blue Skies & puffy clouds at the very same time that 
the storm was gray & wet to the east!!
At the end of the storm, still no Blue Skies. 
But, that was fine by me!

Going north, I drove up my other favorite mountaintop.
Rain again, this time raining right on my car. 
But a few feet from me the trees were sunlit & casting shadows!
I have heard that this is called a "sun shower".
I waited for the miracle that I knew was to appear.
Driving down the mountain, another stunning view.
I stopped to sketch from the car, right in the road. 
A park official stopped to ask me if everything was all right. 
I knew he meant that I should move out of the road. 
I told him that I just wanted to finish my quick sketch...
"Can I have just a few minutes more, sir?"  

Blues skies, gray skies, rainbow skies...from now on...


  1. Wow! What an experience! Like I've said before your writing and sketches go together so well ! So expressive and poetic.

  2. Can I just have a few more minutes..

    of bliss..

    Well said!

    So often I want to stop by the side of a cuntry road for a pic and cras fly by..so I don't..all the missed ops..
    One thing I wish I would have done differently is gain experience on highways etc..
    moved to the country..almost just 20..

    no pratice..
    I can't explore on my own..leisurely..

    Beautiful Rita!

  3. Ah Rita - you captured the skies so beautifully...how quickly the clouds can move in and then be gone leaving us a lovely rainbow. So fun to see your experience of changing weather in sketches. Have a super day. Hugs!

  4. Sun showers are so beautiful! We have them often in Florida. Your account of the ranger stopping to check on you made me smile--hope he let you finish your sketch!

  5. Witam serdecznie. Twoje widoki nieba i niebieskiego i groźnego i z tęczami są śliczne. Przepraszam, że nie zaglądam często, ale mam trochę kłopotów ze zdrowiem. Pozdrawiam Cię i ślę całusy.

  6. There are few posts I open with such anticipation as I open yours! Biggest sigh! Love each and every painting and just feed oodles of joy here!


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