Monday, February 12, 2018

Paper Dolls Made Themselves

Drawing/Playing without observation & references. 

Paper Dolls Working Out!
I'm fascinated by the different dance & Zumba moves
in classes at the local gym!

These girls seemed to create themselves 
while I was chatting with my knitter friend.
She knit (ed?), I doodled. 
Who is this little person? YOU tell me!

PS. I am still replying to comments. See last post...


  1. These are really cute! I wish my knee would straighten up so I could go back to zumba. It was fun!

    Thanks for your nice comments on today's visits! I haven't seen "New in Town" -- I'll look for it! I wish you could come to crafternoon!

  2. These joyful figures are a delight.
    I think this little person is Oliver Twist if Samuel Clemens had created him instead of Charles Dickens.

  3. I can totally see you making and playing with paper dolls!!.

  4. Witam. Urocze są te Twoje papierowe laleczki. Śle buziaki :)

  5. Such cute paper dolls, fun to see them all staying so fit. It is definitely knitted, there seems to be a rather lazy trend to have use only the present tense.

  6. Luv these; would luv to see more; a whole variety of characters. . xx


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