Saturday, March 10, 2018

Dreaming of Provence on a Snowy Day

View from my studio window

While it was snowing all day, a friend came over
and we shared stories of travel in Provence.
My past travel, her upcoming trip.
St. Rémy de Provence, a view par la fenêtre du Musée Estrine.
That was the trip on which I didn't bring my camera, 
but I did fill 2 sketch journals. 
A little drawing, 4 X 6" made this morning 
from the initial sketch.

Blogger La Table de Nana has been posting photos
of her last trip to Provence. She loves it there,
but then again, she finds & shows beauty wherever she is. 
Click here to visit her exquisite blog.


  1. Witam. Ja już na szczęście nie mam śniegu za oknami, ale Prowansji też tam nie ma:))). Też bym z przyjemnością odwiedziła ją wiosną. Urocze szkice. Buziaki.

  2. That's how I want to paint the next time we go..God willing we go....I am dreaming in technicolor.
    Rita..Jacques offered me 3 watercolor learning books:) We never exchange gifts really but I think he saw how I tried to capture things in Provence..and just never came close:(Love your work.Your colrs..look how they pop in today's painting.
    Bon weekend!Et merci por tes gentils mots.

  3. A great way to spend a snowy day. Now you have another one in 2 days!!

  4. Love the view . . . out studio window . . .

  5. I always think I would be helpless without my camera on a trip but your sketchbooks probably brought back far more memorable images! What a fine way to huddle inside and think warm and lovely thoughts about a beautiful place with a friend. (My art friend kate and I did that in the snow the other day, too!). But I have to say, as tired as I am of snow, that view from your window and the tree is simply magnificent!

  6. I've been looking at a lot of photos from Provence lately and Pinterest shared your wonderful sketch with me! What a delightful way to spend a time on a snowy day.

  7. Love seeing your initial sketch and the second rendering of it--it's fabuloso! xx

  8. Love the sketches as usual. How fun to dream of Provence on a snowy day, too. We can always travel in our imaginations.

  9. A snowy day, envelopes us in a blanket, shielding us from outside cares to focus with a friend, who encourages the freedom to see and record . The sketchbook affords the chance to put more into our memories...Our sketches remark, have opinions, which dig more deeply into our memories and thoughts than the snapshot.
    Thank you, Rita, for your memories of Provence. I shall see through new, maybe awakened eyes.


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