Friday, March 2, 2018

Discovering Popcorn

I tried to eat popcorn (again), but it still makes me sick.
So I drew popcorn instead. 
First, observational studies for accuracy, with lots of erasing.
(not shown here.)
Then, loose sketches. Interpretations.
Feeling the Popcornness. 
Delighting in the gesture, form, contours, miracles & science
of popcorn.
All the while, related thoughts popped onto my paper: 
Discoveries & connections, while spending a slow,
lengthy time with these 3 guys.
Turkey Tail Fungus:
Years ago, an assignment in undergradutate drawing class:
To magnify an object, to try to reproduce it
as precisely as possible. 
I remember spending hours on it.
I also made a magnified study in charcoal
of a broken peanut shell.
I can't find the drawing, 
but I loved getting to know that shell, 
with its repetitive pattern of miniature rectalinear shapes,
& the surprise discovery of skeletal fibers.

The fast sketch, my favorite mode, benefits well
from going back to slower forms of drawing.


  1. Oh Rita! I'm so sorry you can't enjoy popcorn! But you certainly can draw it! And you get all the joy and fun and life and practically the sound of popcorn! Your drawing should accompany a popcorn package!

  2. Love the popcorn exploration. There is intrigue in every little thing . . .

  3. Witam. Lubię popcorn, ale i Twoje szkice też. Jesteś pomysłowa. Ślę buziaki.

  4. The popcorn I Skinnypop:)
    And yours.

  5. I would think popcorn would be VERY difficult to draw! You did a really nice job with it.

  6. I love it and why aren't I surprised to see a sketch of popcorn! Although you might find it unpalatable, it reflects your happy personality!!

  7. Such simple subjects delightfully captured Rita. Sorry to read popcorn makes you ill. You would never know it from your study. Take care and have a great day. Hugs!

  8. I love your popcorn sketch. Even if you can't eat it, you can still have fun with it!


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