Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Sketchers Go to a Beautiful Space

 An initial rough sketch made at 
Beyond the Sea, (Gifts & Books & Café) 
Not great paper in my sketchbook, but it works.
Another field trip with the sketch group.

The owner has created a sunny pastel space 
in the back of the shop, 
looking out to a salt marsh 
on the edge of Lincolnville Beach. 
I had sketched out the window in December,
on a solo visit. 

Today the focus was on my friends.
Tourist season has not yet begun, 
so we each had our own table. 
We chatted lightly, sporadically,
punctuating the space with art tips & experiences. 
The above two images are illustration-sketches 
on watercolor paper,
derived from the roughs in my sketchbook.
They aren't meant to be portraits, nor to capture likenesses.
They are impressions that bring back the afternoon.
They allow me to linger in a pleasant experience...


  1. Delightful . .
    I love these sketches . . .
    It makes me feel like I am “there” . . . seeing the “people sketchers.”

  2. I adore your people art..and flowers..and christmas tree sales..they are the epitome of charm! And your colors! The movement in everything..oh lala would love to be able to do this.

  3. As usual, wonderful atmospheric sketches. Makes me love my home state.

  4. charming sketches of the sketchers!! your work makes me smile..such joy your work!!

  5. I love your impressions. They always make me feel like I'm looking through your eyes!

  6. Any time I see a post from you come up in my feed, I gett extra excited. I love, love, love your style of art!


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