Friday, May 11, 2018

Watercolor Mixing in Spring

Watercolor Mixing~ Enjoyment!
That is the diagram of my current paint box. 
Ceramic tray, a total pleasure, 
though too heavy to take on on the road.

Such fun to play Let's Mix Some Greens with a friend...
Possibilities, willy nilly were all over my page
with no thought to composition.
So cutouts & collage created a bit of order.
Il fallait les mettre en valeur.
After such intense focus, greens called me
everywhere I looked! 
Now, they are popping like mad outdoors,
minute by minute, vite, vite! 
taking their place in the midst of winter grays.
A friend calls them:
 "Emerging greens of spring..." 

I think they are in a hurry to arrive in time for summer.
Soon they will take over. 
In full bloom & without the gray contrasts, 
they will be harder to distinguish.

Perhaps we New Englanders are like 
the emerging greens of spring
The gardeners are out, the bicyclers, the walkers.
On the sidewalk & in shops, livelier hello's & quicker smiles.

It was a long winter...


  1. Love your COLORS.. exhuberant and talkative and so joyful..and that card! Yes the emergence..y.. of Spring..and now things will whiz by! From buds to blooms to seeds..all in a blink of an eye!!

  2. Yes Rita - it was certainly a long winter. Your green mixing is a great way to welcome summer. Amazing how many shades there are in nature. Loved seeing your chart. Have a great weekend. Hugs!

  3. Oh I love the green to red leafy palette! Perfect!

  4. Liking this collage of green thought . . .
    Today is my day . . .

  5. A long winter indeed. Here, too. Today it's raining and cool but at least it is very green.

    Seeing your colors reminds me that I got a new palette and have to make my color chart! Now that's a good thing to do on a rainy day!

  6. lovely palette!!! almost makes me want to try to paint! You are very inspiring!!!!!

  7. tap tap tap..waiting for Québec:)


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