Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Beth's Wildly Creative Design Workshop

A blissful visit to friend Beth's 
Maine Coast Surface Design Workshops.
(Click Here
where students, an assortment of 
accomplished quilt & paper artists from various states,
explored multi-media design techniques on paper.

That's Beth, the most prolific & free flowing, & generous 
creative fabric & paper design artist I've ever met!
I couldn't attend the full 3 days, 
but stepping in to her "Art Greenhouse" on Sunday was Color Heaven,
including seeing participants' finished work! 
Beth will probably post some of photos 
on her blog, Sew Sew Art.
Buttons, ribbons, printing inks, oil pastels, thread,
gel prints, rubber stamps, decorated papers, 
a bounty of art making materials!!!!!
I was overwhelmed, so I started by doing a sketch 
with my own materials. 
Starting in my comfort zone.
Then I made some collages, growing a little bolder.
Beth says, it's all a beginning. You can keep adding,
changing things, "Go wild! Let things happen, play!"
Some combinations...I used 
a few rubber stamps that Beth had made
& some papers she'd printed up.
Clearly, my process would have evolved
if I'd attended the full 3 days...
(couldn't due to my work schedule.)
And I would have made some books to take home!
 At one point I got overwhelmed by the visual & creative
stimulation, so I sat out on the front porch of the 
little Art House, sketching as a form of meditation,
on a sunny, breezy Maine summer day. 
It worked. 
I went back refreshed.

She's running a 2nd session on the July 21 weekend,
so if anyone is interested in coming to the
gorgeous Maine coast for 3 days to have wild art fun,
do go to her blog & sign up! 

I plan to take her Spirit Dolls workshop in October!
This is one of Beth's dolls.


  1. Witam serdecznie. Takie warsztaty to z pewnością coś dla takich osób, jak Ty. Śliczne są Twoje szkice. Pozdrawiam i ślę buziaka.

  2. Thanks Rita. It was really wonderful to have a chance to play with you - finally!!!! I LOVE the painting of me!!! What a hoot!!! I'll be resuming play in July.

  3. This looks like such fun and I think you were very lucky to land in one of Beth's workshops. I'd give anything to take one. Maybe next year. I'll have to check it out. Loved your paintings capturing your day and your mixed media piece. Isn't creating something new the most exciting thing? I love it!

  4. You are very talented and so so creative. <3

  5. How delightful! You're not the only one who gets overwhelmed. In fact, it was encouraging to me that a much more experienced artist such as yourself has to take breaks to refresh. Love the sketches and the attitude!


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