Monday, June 18, 2018

Rita Rita Fashion-ita

So a year ago I started seasonal work at the art museum. 
I did an inventory of my clothes closet! 
It was time to come out of fashion hibernation!
Rita Rita Fashion-ita, Hahahaha!
In my Daily Journal I periodically document what I wore 
on the previous day.The Fashion Report, Hahahaha.
The quick tiny drawings remind me 
of my 7th grade fashion drawings,
inspired by Simplicity Pattern envelope illustrations.
In 7th grade I decided I was going to be a fashion designer
when I grew up. Hahahaha.
I loved the whole mix & match thing & still do.
I'm having fun gathering 
a few of my "museum costume" sketches. 
Do we see a theme here?? 

Guess how many scarves I have in the
blue-turquoise-teal-aqua range?  
(Answer in next post.)
 If no scarf then one must at lease wear a turquoise shirt! 

In high school I decided that my interest in fashion 
was "shallow".  
It is true that my brain had other things to work on.

College days: Work boots & flannel shirts. 
More brain & social stuff to work on.
In this semi-retirement museum employee stage,
It's fun to "curate" my clothes collection. 
Maybe it's still shallow, but, shrug, it is pleasurable.
Our museum visitors, who are in a visually receptive
state of consciousness, appreciate my efforts. 
"Oooooh, your colors!" the women exclaim.


  1. Ha ha. I love this. I am always looking for something to draw (I am no good at scenery). It is a good idea to add to a travel journal as well I think....

  2. Cute blog post!! Love your blue-aqua-turquoise-teal color schemes and scarves....

  3. If it's turquoise, it must be Rita!!

  4. I wish I could do this. Every now and then I put an outfit together that looks reasonably good. When I want to wear it again I can't remember what exactly I'd assembled that day. If I documented my outfits as you do that would be so much easier. As for how many blue-aqua-turquoise-teal color scarves you have...I'm guessing somewhere around 12-15. How do you organize and store them between wearings? And btw, you always look delicious!

  5. I love your curated sketches! They make me smile. And I'm so with you on the turquoise/aqua/teal. If I didn't have that and black in my closet, I'd have a much cleaner closet! That's funny you mentioned the 7th grade design. I learned how to draw by copying fashion ads from the newspaper and then making up my own colors and details! You'd never know I even cared if you looked in my closet today! I love retirement!

  6. Adorable! I love skirts w/ leggings..I love all things linen..I love big neckalces and many bracelets.
    Although to see me in my would not know it.My style is dirt.;)
    I don't wear color enough.
    I think you have 7.

  7. Fun post . . .
    You give me ideas . . ,
    Love the scarves . . . me too, they change things up and
    a whole new outfit appears!
    I do see a turquoise, bluish, aqua, teal, theme running through here . . .
    Bet your eyes are blue . . .

  8. I did not even have to read much of your post before I knew the colors you like. Fun!

  9. This post made me smile! I love those colors, too-perfect for an art museum.


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