Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Common Ground Fair 2018

The Common Ground Fair: 
Delights every year as if for the 1st time!
Put on by Maine Organic Farmers & Growers Association.

Waiting to get in at the gate when you arrive early!

The Fiddler's Showcase, put on by Maine Fiddle Camp,
included various traditional instruments & even a clogger.
Different ages & levels perform. They must wait their turn.
Storytellers Showcase. And a tent across the way.

The Veggie Parade!

 You can bring your own, 
but there is a tent full of costumes made
by a woman who lives on the coast.
 The Farmer's Market, a variety of stands!
Lots of vegetables, dried flowers...
Natural soaps, tonics, honey... 
The scents, the sights!!

The tastes!
Unlike most places, 
here I have healthy, delicious choices!
 The handmade crafts to buy! Pottery, clothes, bags, 
caps, jewelry, wooden furniture...
Anne Brooks woven woolen scarves, my favorites!
Not your traditional horse show.
Riders were putting large workhorses 
through their paces.
The animals!
The Fair celebrates bicycle power, wind power,
& human hula power.
 One of the pleasures, walking over a half mile through 
cultivated woods to get to & from the Fair.
(Though hay wagons are there for those who need a ride.)

It's pretty & artistic, yes, but it is also a place 
where people of good health, good will, of cooperative spirit
and kindness come together to celebrate
traditional arts & local enterprises. 


  1. Looks like a great event and perfect fall weather. I think you need to start illustrating children's books!

  2. Lovely.....both the art work and writing.

  3. A charming post celebrating an inspiring day. Thank you for bringing us along with you. What a delight.

  4. Love this..I always enjoy your people..w/ personality and movement and happy faces.:)And I like when you take us along on outings.

  5. Rita what a lovely event. The Veggie parade had me smiling...hmm I think I would have to dress up as a beet!! How about you? I am too short to be a carrot :) Hugs!

  6. Looks like a lovely event . . .
    Love the pictures . . .
    Woven Woolen scarves . . . wow, I will take a couple!
    And . . . Rita sketches . . . my favorites!
    Liked the final, holding hands, walking together photo . . .


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