Wednesday, October 31, 2018

More Watercolor Wandering

 I continue to explore my new watercolor tubes. 
I focus on not judging what I see happening 
but on watching closely how the water & paints react.
It's like watching raindrops on the windshield,
slow, careful observation of a drop as it morphs & changes.
I ponder: 
What is the difference between being influenced by 
& learning from an artist~ & copying them?
Artist Mattina Blue, in a brief workshop, had a big influence 
on my waterpaint experimenting
To see her work, click HERE.
 I loved her designs & motifs, 
but I knew I didn't want to copy them.  
What I got from her was a spirit of allowing the water 
to carry the paint,
of allowing the colors to respond to one another.
(Fun when working on a slanted surface.)

Mattina told me to work in series, 
each painting leading to the next.
What will be discovered along the way?
I think it is enjoying the evolution, 
rather than just a brief dabble of something new.
A spirit of "More will be revealed."
Motifs & designs emerge by themselves. 
All of us have our own.

One of mine: Light peeking from behind darker lines, 
In this season I see it in sun on thinning colored leaves,
behind dark branches & twigs.
These "plaids" have other meanings for me too,
which come to me after I'm done painting. 
They are grids, they are boxes, 
& even when I don't know what they mean,
they are pleasing to draw.

While painting (I try) to think of nothing 
but what I'm observing,
& this meditative focus calms me, fills me with serenity.


  1. Your "plaids" are so deep, so three-dimensional...really beautiful!

  2. Rita what a wonderful way to paint. I checked out Mattina Blue's art - very lovely. I think it is wonderful too how she suggested working in a series. Especially enjoyed your thought about light peeking through. You are inspiring me to try this practice as well. From one serene seeker to another have a blessed day. Hugs!

  3. I love letting water carry the paint. I'd never done that till I started reading Vivian Swift's blog and when she was doing her painting posts and explaining how she did some of her illustrations, I thought that made for a great idea and now I do it quite often, especially on backgrounds. I love how you experiment -- I'll bet some of those will end up as tiny book covers!

    Thanks for coming by while I was gone and now back and loads to post. Lots of inspiration across the pond. You asked me a question and I can't find the comment now. Ugh. I'll try to and answer here as I don't have your email! Cheers!

  4. Loving the orange,yellows and reds...vibrant colors!! Fall colors...

  5. Wonderful abstractions with great color harmony!
    I always said lose the line...or did DD say that?
    Stick with this. Very sophisiticated IMHO


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