Friday, February 8, 2019

Exploring Rather Than Wandering

Sketchbook Wandering. 
I've done it here for almost 7 years!!!!!

Sketching & writing still bring me joy & comfort, 
as when I took a pause from last Saturday's winter festivities
at a café on Main St. I sat by a wall.
My sketchbook transformed the scene to interesting theater.

There are people who appreciate my sketches, 
& some have learned from my process.

Change might be starting...
Expression, discovery, exploration, reflection, 
& who knows what else! 

I've been experimenting with making marks 
with a brush & "high flow" acrylic paints.
(Thanks, for introducing me, Beth. Go to Sew Sew Art.)

My marks turned to shapes & my shapes 
arranged themselves.

Aaaah, order...but maybe not too much...
More will be revealed...


  1. I love your Sketchbook Wanderings, but I wish that I could get the posts delivered to my gmail or Bloglovin'. I don't get to check out my Blogger feed like I used to.
    I have learned so much from your sketching posts. If you do start a new blog, please include your sketchbook wanderings, too. Thank you for all of your lovely posts!

  2. The only thing you can count on is change. I do hope you don't "leave behind" your amazing sketching and journaling but rather "add to" making every day richer. Love your work.

  3. Looking forward to whatever you do!Hope you got my email!:)Bon weekend!

  4. I will eagerly anticipate all that you do! I hope you still show your sketches but I'll be curious to see what other wonderful things you add to your repertoire!

  5. Oh, I tried to get to commenter Susan's profile so I could tell her how to follow you on bloglovin' if you don't have the linkback. So, maybe you can let her know. She just needs to go to and in the search block at the top paste your url and then click follow when it finds you. You (meaning you, Rita) don't need to have the bloglovin' button on your blog for someone to be able to follow you that way. I don't know if Susan comes back to read comments so if you can pass that along, great!

  6. Rita changes are always challenging - even good ones. I certainly would miss your sketches but I am sure I will enjoy your blog as well. Spread your wings dear one...the first flight is a little scary but then when the wind catches will find new joy awaits. Hugs!

  7. I'm excited to see what you have in mind, Rita!

  8. Witam. Mam nadzieję, że nie porzucisz szkicowania, że dalej będę je oglądać. Jestem ciekawa jednak Twojego nowego bloga, jeśli się na niego zdecydujesz. Pozdrawiam i ściskam.


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