Sunday, January 27, 2019

What to Do? Sketch!

What to do when you go to a meeting
& no one else shows up?

You could

1. Get angry

2. Feel disappointed

3. Sketch! And feel lucky that you're getting
some bonus sketching time
while waiting to see if anyone comes.

4. Oh, and be glad that you have your
traveling sketch kit with you.


  1. Thumbs up!!What a great attendee you are! And you have the best seat in the house in more ways than one:)

  2. Oh, that's sort of perfect in a way. You have that time blocked out so no one expects you back. And no one's there so you can just draw. Love it!

  3. I like #4 best, cuz #3 wouldn't work as well!! Resourceful of you!! I'm afraid I'd be more #1 or 2...will try to "take a page from your book"

  4. Ah Rita - you have my pick with the last your chair. Looks like a wonderful seat in the house. :)! Hugs

  5. Always take something to read and/or a sketchbook, and you'll never mind waiting again--that's my motto. I love your chair sketch--great use of your time.

  6. An empty chair was the perfect subject to capture the evening too!


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