Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Sketching While Waiting

One of my favorite rewards of sketching:
At the grocery store I had fun instead of impatience
while waiting for J to shop. 
I remembered to bring my new 7 X 9" book 
(previous post) & my Extra Fine LAMY pen!!

PS. For those of you on the coast of Maine:
Artist & Craftsman in Portland 
now carries LAMY fountain pens!
And Molly over there is an expert!


  1. I love your commentary as much as your sketches!

  2. I'm curious where you were while you were waiting and sketching. In the store somewhere? I like to see people at the zoo and other places with their sketchbooks. I try not to gawk, though. I think I'd be self-conscious drawing in public!

  3. Great use of your time and a very nice sketch

  4. Nice way to pass the time waiting and relaxing in the zone.....

  5. What a gift..I know you have worked on it..and hard..but to me it looks like a gift;)

  6. I usually read when I have to wait, and then I don't mind waiting. I need to start splitting my waiting time between reading and sketching!


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