Friday, January 18, 2019

In and Out of Lines

My tiny holiday Zumba Girls have changed to Winter Girls.
When I'm watercoloring their fashions, I'm reminded of
my hours of coloring in childhood. 
Later coloring books were shunned by everyone I knew
as being detrimental to creativity. 
Now they are tremendously popular with adults,
& are sold as meditative activities. 
Are coloring books good or bad or neither?
My Prismacolors have replaced Crayolas.
Making this chart also felt like childhood coloring days.
I've been thinking about staying in lines, or not,
sharp edges verses soft, tight verses loose. 
Punching out colored penciled stars from my swatches creates sharp, 
manufactured edges and shapes.
Is this good for creativity, or bad, or neither?

What are your thoughts?


  1. Zumba Girls - Winter Girls . . . Delightful
    Color, sharp edges, mixed up . . .
    Is this good or bad or neither?
    Neither . . .

  2. I love your winter girls! So happy and they make me smile. And isn't it fun, when you think how our art supplies have evolved over the past decades?! I love it all and it isn't an issue of good or bad, it's an issue of what works for you (or for the viewer!) And these all work for me.

  3. Ah Rita - I don't think anything you do is bad sweet friend. I adore your winter girls. As soon as I saw the one on the right I just began to smile. How could that be bad?? Hugs!

  4. I’m so glad I found your blog. Each post is so much fun!

  5. Neither, neither, neither!!! As always, colorful and whimsical...Makes my heart happy...

  6. As Beth said, they just are. How we use them can be either happy and fun, or not so much. However, I don't see how bright color and the chance to play can be bad!

  7. Witam. A mnie się podobają kolorowanki i nie uważam, że zmniejszają kreatywność. Twoja kolorowa jest śliczne. :)


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