Monday, March 18, 2019

Art Journaling • Bullet Journaling

Above: "Rita's Reminders for Kindness & Care"

 I'm exploring the Bullet Journal phenomenon.
It's a way to make the organization of 
tasks, goals & intentions clear, tangible, and fun,
especially, I think, for the non-linear person (moi).
Apparently there is a whole community out there 
of people like myself. People who get distracted
by the great amount of stimulus that is in our culture,
thanks to technology (& consumerism).
And people who love to write, paint & draw on paper
verses on the computer.

When a children's librarian, on Valentine's Day, 
presented our Art Journal Group 
with a pile of disorganized cutout hearts for collages,
the participants created lovely designs 
with personal expressions. 
My hearts turned into a list.

In this group there is no time to censor images, 
or to judge them, 
so they get released quickly & authentically.
They are unrefined drafts. I'm often surprised
by the images that pop out, both as writing & drawing,
that reflect parts of myself, my past, or my interests.

I have recently created some Bullet Journal type charts 
on paper that are helping me enormously to 
live more intentionally, healthily, & efficiently.
I think they will evolve with time 
to be more artistic than they are now, 
& maybe they'll be integrated into my sketchbook journals. 

Thanks to Ryder Carroll who devised this 
Bullet Journal method & philosophy, 
to BoHo Berry who has adpated it 
in her artistic way, & to all artistic Bullet Journalers 
who generously share their analog versions 
of organizational tools through, ironically, electronic media!

And, Thanks Amy, our weekly Art Journal Leader!


  1. Nice idea!! Love the hearts motif....Might even inspire ME to write!! LOL Lovely work, Rita!!

  2. How lovely! "Rita's Reminders for..." is a great headline and can be used for any of your bullet journalling. I would be, I suspect, what you call a linear person; my mind works in drawers and lists but can also get easily stimulated and then all drawers are open at the same time and I need all my mental strength to get back to the former neatness and work along my lists.
    Thanfkully, in my life there is room for both - the list-ticking Librarian and the adventurous wilderness my mind can turn into at shortest notice.

  3. Love the way you think and the art you create!!!

  4. Love inspiration..and you inspire!:)

  5. I love your journal with the hearts, Rita! So enthused and inspired by your creative mind and talent. I don't know why I thought bullet journaling was more like journaling briefly. I need to look more into this!

  6. And PS! I was bowled over by your wonderful comments left at Marmelade Gypsy. Thank you so much for coming over and all the catch up!

  7. Rita - I have read about bullet journals. Yours look wonderful. I have for the past two years made mine but I have never tried the bullet types. You are inspiring me to look into this way of planning. Hope you are well and having a great day. Hugs!

  8. I've heard about bullet journals for some time, but never really explored the phenomenon fully. Trust you to make it look pretty, too!


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