Wednesday, March 27, 2019

The Full Moon Rising

I made a point of watching the moon rise, 
the last night before Spring officially turned. 
I sketched quickly from the upstairs window.
This gorgeous ball,
moved quickly as she rose.
Forget science, forget tanky machines & flags 
on the moon, THIS was the poetic moon 
of childhood wonder & awe!
A sketch, once she was higher and...
again, color was added from memory. 

I prefer to sketch & write notes.
But sometimes I'm grateful for my little camera. 

She is called The Full Worm Moon,
March being the month when earth worms begin to appear.      
   (Well, maybe not in Maine.)
Also The Sap Moon, when maple sap begins to flow...

 Below: Same place, the next morning.
The sun was now taking the moon's place, 
rising in just about the same place, to the East. 
 And while we had slept the night before,
that old moon had worked her way 
across the southern night sky, toward the West.
I went out to see her before she set behind western tree tops.
She was the same size as the night before, 
but she had on a misty, softly lit robe,
instead of her dazzling nightime party dress.

Springtime! A new awakening!


  1. What a wonderful posting! I like your style very much! I'm a blog lovin follower of yours and am super excited to follow your crafting adventures and look forward to your future shares!

  2. Lovely sketch of the lovely moon....I love the full moon and childhood memories of sky watching....thanks for the reminder,Rita!!

  3. another lovely lyric post..........with sketches!!!!!!

  4. la neige partira pour maintenant,,certaine de revenir:)Cute cute moons:)

  5. Dear Rita - you and I both were out enjoying that beautiful moon and the early sky of the first day of spring. You were more ambitious than I because you took the time to sketch this lovely sight. Thanks for sharing my friend. Hugs!

  6. Oh Rita -- I love so much of your work but these capture me in one of those gasp, smile, sigh ways, for they are very perfect. I watched that same moon rise (I didn't know its names -- perfection!) through the trees in my backyard. It's nice to know someone else, miles and miles away, was doing the same thing. (You were actually productive, though! Well done, you!) The watercolors are perfection. Your text is as eloquent as the sketches. And I loved the photos, too. Your world is lovely.

    In answer to your question about Massachusetts -- we came through Canada to Buffalo and down through NY to northwestern Mass. If Rick is able to do a long bike ride this year (jury is still out on that one and will be for sometime), he is planning to ride through Canada, down through Vermont and I'll meet him in Massachusetts. It will all depend on how well he heals after his surgery, timing and all. Maybe if I head out that way, we can find a place somewhere in New England to connect!

  7. such beautiful work and an amazing subject!

  8. A beautiful post-I love the watercolor painting of what you saw too.

  9. So beautiful! Both the photos and the sketches. Your sketched moon has a friendly face :).


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