Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Drawing Lesson: The Graphic Mark & Roses

I'm giving drawing lessons to a friend. 
In exchange, she is coaching me 
on my organizational issues & unfinished art projects.

We began by looking at drawings of Felix Topolski
in his book Paris Lost: A Sketchbook of the 30's.
We used viewfinders to isolate small sections
to observe the variety & sensitivity of his graphic marks.

I'm in awe of so-called scribbles that
are an integral part of many drawings.
We then made a sheet of our own marks using
a chopstick with simple fountain pen ink.
  My friend was interested in creating a card with a rose theme
for her friend Rosie's family. 
I happened to have a vase of roses nearby!
A simple, gestural interpretation emerged 
on my marks sheet.
I cut it out to separate it. 

And added Prismacolor color.
V.'s was beautifully alive, almost shimmering.
A lovely experience, relaxed & focused,
with Andrea Bocelli in the background,
because V. is an opera afficionado.
Thank You, Friend V.!  


  1. I love your style, Rita. It is so free and so beautiful. It kind of carries me away. What an interesting exercise, zeroing in on the squiggle lines in the 30s book. I like that!

  2. The roses and your sketches of them are gorgeous...

  3. How fun to have a friend..and afreined who loves to paint..
    If you love gestural sketches and you do:) I love my book by Charlie Mackesy..

    The Boy The Mole The Fox and The Horse.
    Keeper keeper.

    I love making paper bouquets:)

  4. Dear La Table, Yes!! I bought The Boy, The Mole and the Horse last week at Barnes & Noble!! It is beautiful in graphic marks, images, and in story!!! I will visit his website, thank you!

  5. From Rita: The first 2 comments of Jeanie and Ginny were left before I posted V's drawing...Her drawing completes this post sobeautifully!

  6. I'm glad you told me to come back and look at V's drawing! It's really splendid and she "got it" in terms of the idea. Her texture on the blossoms is really quite wonderful!

  7. Rita - seeing your marks and V's was a delight. There is so much pleasure one can get just putting a mark on a piece of blank paper and seeing where it will take you. Love the rose theme...beautiful colors to lighten up a winter heart :)!! Hugs


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